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WHICH AIRED ON FEBRUARY 22, 2007, in the United States



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A Best Evidence Producer flew in from Canada to interview me here in Mendocino County,

California, for this program, in the fall of 2006. It should be noted that Best Evidence had tentative

plans, at that time, to send up a jet equipped with air testing equipment to test actual persistent

contrails to find out their chemical composition. No one that I know, including myself, has ever

requested that raw jet fuel be tested for aluminum, nor has anyone made the claim, to my knowledge,

that aluminum has been added to raw jet fuel by any jet fuel manufacturer.


Please note that the Best Evidence Producer and I spoke about the use of the word ‘chemtrail’

in this program. I made it clear that the use of this word marginalizes those that use it because there is

no clear definition of the word. The United States Air Forces notes that the word ‘chemtrail’ is a hoax

on their website and writes letters, upon the request of U.S. elected officials like California U.S. Senator

Diane Feinstein, to inform the public in writing, that the word ‘chemtrail’ is a hoax. Therefore, Senator

Feinstein, and other elected officials, are given ‘a pass’ and don’t have to answer our real questions

about what has happened to our once clear, deep blue skies and how atmospheric heating and testing

programs are impacting our environment, climate, and possibly human health.


Throughout the ‘narrated text’ of the entire program I was linked repeatedly to the ‘straw man’

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man), argument phrase ‘chemtrail believers’ giving the impression

that I believe in some ‘conspiracy theory’ with regard to persistent jet contrails. I was careful to refer

to official government documents describing NASA’s atmospheric heating and testing programs.

I also referred to the same persistent jet contrails, the public has been seeing not only in the United

States but also around the world, which NASA has been studying. There are many public government

documents about current weather modification programs, and other ongoing experimental

atmospheric testing and heating programs. There are so many U.S. Government, private, university,

and military programs going on in our skies, at this time, that it would be impossible to classify them

all under the undefined word ‘chemtrail’.


NASA, in an October 2005 newsletter states: “A recent investigation focuses on how aircraft can avoid

creating vapor trails, also known as contrails. These spindly threads of condensation may not seem

important but some persist for hours and behave in the same way as high altitude cirrus clouds,

trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming…”

NASA October 2005 http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/Count/Oct2005/ConEdNews_p1.pdf


NASA October 2005 Newsletter, Page 8 states: “Contrails are clouds formed when water vapor

condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. Some of that

water vapor comes from the air around the plane; and, some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft.

Clouds are the largest variable controlling Earth’s atmospheric temperature and climate. Any change

in global cloud cover may contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate. Contrails, especially

persistent contrails, represent a human-caused increase in the Earth’s cloudiness, and are likely to be

affecting climate and ultimately our natural resources…”

NASA October 2005 http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/Count/Oct2005/ConEdNews_p8.pdf


It should be noted that many of these public government documents were sent or given to Best

Evidence Producers to back up some of the statements I made during my taped interview with them for

this program. Most of them were not referred to or used. It should be noted that those elected

Senators holding recent U.S. Congressional Hearings (2007), on the subject of climate change, are not

addressing the above issues and how these programs are currently impacting our climate, changing

our weather, and impacting agricultural crop production.

Best Evidence chose not to introduce most of these government documents during the course of their

program, preferring instead to refer to me, and others, as ‘chemtrail’ believers’ that had no real proof,

only unproven beliefs. The Narrator/Writers for this program also made some incorrect statements

which were attributed to me as a ‘chemtrail believer’ under their ‘straw man’ arguments. I have set the

record straight within the transcript below. In order to marginalize those that presented government

documents and raised questions about these real issues Best Evidence used strategically placed bait and-

switch narration tactics or subtle distortions throughout the narration of this program.

Nevertheless, this program does bring some vital information into the mainstream media and has

opened up the public dialogue about these issues to a much wider audience than ever before on this

subject. We hope that the Discovery Channel will consider a second, more comprehensive, program

on these topics in the future, and that, as their stated goal of using only the “Best Evidence”, they will

do just that and eliminate their ‘bait and switch’ tactics and ‘straw man’ arguments as a way of

confusing the issues and allegedly distorting some the facts.






Narrator: “People began noticing them about a decade ago (somewhere between 1988-1989 in

Mendocino County, California). Jet engine exhaust, known as contrails, looked strange and lingered

like never before.” (Jet engine exhaust does not always leave contrails.)

Will Thomas, Investigative Canadian Reporter: “Something unusual is going on in our skies…”


Narrator: “…And experts conducted several experiments searching for ominous substances in a final verdict as we examine the Best Evidence.”


Narrator: “Contrails have existed for as long as aircraft have flown.”


Rosalind - This statement is misleading due to the fact that we are discussing persistent ‘jet’ contrails.

The history of the jet engine shows that there were very few jet airplanes in existence or being used in

Germany and France at the end of World War II, none in World War I. The larger commercial and

military jet engine technology came later. There were no commercial jet powered airlines operating

anywhere in the world during World War II, thus, there could not possibly have been any type of

commercial jet engine airplane contrails in existence over the United States.


Narrator: “They normally occur when hot jet engine exhaust meets humid and frigid air at high


Patrick Minis, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center: “So a jet plane flies through

this cold atmosphere, produces a hot exhaust that is mostly composed of carbon dioxide and water

vapor (greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change).”

Narrator: “This exhaust condenses into visible ice crystals. They form white streaks, which can

linger for minutes or hours. Aviation experts claim with increased air travel we are seeing more

contrails. There is nothing more to it. But some people believe that the same aircraft can release

experimental chemical additives in the air as chemical contrails or chemtrails. In this way government

agencies can either manipulate the weather or counteract global warming. But some people claim

“chemtrails” are harming an unsuspecting public.”


Rosalind – Many experts speak about increasing passenger ‘air travel’. What is the actual number of

large commercial and military ‘jet flights’ and are these flights increasing over the United States?

Where is the proof of this increasing number of flights from FAA records, for each year since 1980,

giving the number of commercial and military flights separately? Passenger air travel numbers are

different than the actual yearly number of large jet flights. (This does not include small commercial

and small private jet airplane flights.) Large commercial airline jets have gotten larger and carry more passengers.


Narrator: “Eyewitnesses and researchers who believe in ‘chemtrails’ say that jet contrails don’t

vanish within minutes as they once did. They now linger and spread sometimes for hours forming

strange suspicious patterns. Rosalind Peterson is one of those believers.”

Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition, former California U.S.D.A. Agriculture Crop Loss Adjustor & Mendocino County Agriculture Technologist: “It is not normal for us. It is a grand experiment.”


Narrator: “Peterson lives in Northern California (Mendocino County), near San Francisco. At one

time she worked for the (California) State Department of Agriculture. Part of her job involved being

aware of environmental issues (that cause agriculture crop losses).”


Rosalind Peterson: “I first started noticing unusual contrails in 2002, when it was brought to

my attention by a friend of mine. He took me outside of his office and we began to look at these

persistent jet contrails.”


Narrator: “Peterson thought she saw a connection between aircraft activity and reports of

chemical contaminated (drinking) water in communities throughout California.”


Peterson: “There were unusual high spikes in chemicals, and heavy metals, barium, aluminum,

manganese, magnesium, zinc. And I suspect that we are getting pollution from something in the

atmosphere that is being released.”


Narrator: “Peterson became so alarmed about the chemical contrails that she formed an

organization called California Skywatch, a group dedicated to clean air.”


Peterson - Please note that I never formed a group called California Skywatch. I did setup a website

called: californiaskywatch.com, which is still active today. The only terms referring to contrails that I

use at this time are persistent jet contrails or jet plumes. http://www.californiaskywatch.com/


Peterson: “I started documenting what I was seeing (in our skies in Mendocino County, CA. starting

in 2002). I took pictures on my (work) breaks (in Ukiah, CA). I took pictures at lunch hour. I started to

really get angry because our once deep blue skies were no longer deep blue. They (our skies) would

turn into a white haze (from these persistent jet contrails), and they (persistent jet contrails), would

turn into these man-made clouds, blocking the (direct) sunlight (from reaching the earth).”


NASA Explores Man-Made Clouds: http://www.nasaexplores.com/show2_articlea.php?id=02-075


Narrator: “Peterson discovered that she wasn’t alone in her concerns. Hundreds of websites

revealed that persistent (jet) airplane contrails had become a worldwide problem.”

Peterson: “I started then to research Internet sites and government agencies, the EPA, NOAA,

NASA, the United States Air Force.” I learned that there were a lot of atmospheric heating and testing

programs going on (CRRES NASA & TMA Night Clouds - These programs fire canisters filled with

chemicals into the atmosphere, superheat them until they burst, and then conduct atmospheric tests).

I learned that there was lots of equipment that would leave these types of persistent plumes and could

spray chemicals (when attached to the underbelly of airplanes).”


Peterson – There are also a large number of U.S. Patents that refer to chemical spraying and



Narrator: “Will Thomas is an investigative journalist (from Canada), who believes that some

contrails are part of secretive atmospheric experiments. He has been writing about them for over ten



Thomas: “This is a deliberate project to slow down global warming. These trails were appearing

over rural areas, away from navigational beacons, and normal air routes. They would appear for weeks

at a time and then disappear entirely, only to reappear months later, unlike normal scheduled air



Narrator: “Thomas believes chemical contrails are an indication that someone is using jet

emissions to engineer the weather and slow climate change.”


Thomas: “The problem with ‘chemtrails’ is that when we attempt to geoengineer and interfere with

complex interrelated atmospheric processes we are in for unintended consequences on a major



Narrator: “Geoengineering is the artificial manipulation of earth’s environment on a large scale. In

the early 1990s, American Nuclear Physicist, Edward Teller was among the first scientists to model an

experiment that would address the issue of global warming. He speculated that aluminum oxide could

be injected into the upper atmosphere. It would act like tiny mirrors and deflect a portion of the sun’s

rays back into space. Supposedly it was never put into practice. But activists believe the government

has revived Teller’s theory with some dire health consequences.”


Thomas: “Some of the literal fallout from this chemtrail project are these ten micron particulates

falling by the megaton on unsuspecting people, plants, and wildlife. Now a human hair is a hundred

microns across. Ten microns is submicroscopic. It can impact our lungs, it could inflame our hearts,

give us heart disease leading to fatalities. So this material comes down randomly in visible clumps.”


Narrator: “Dave Dickey also believes in ‘chemtrails’. As a landscape contractor for a large city he

spends a lot of time outdoors.”


In Edmonton, Canada, Alberta City landscape contractor Dave Dickie found electrical conductivity in

city soils many times higher than normal levels. Why? What were the soil test results conducted by

Nor-West Labs? Did they find high levels of aluminum oxide and barium? Where would these

chemicals be coming from that are also found in unusual high spikes in California and Arizona water

tests? (NASA Positive Ions – Barium: http://www-spof.gsfc.nasa.gov/Education/wposion.html)


Dickie: “Contrail development is different than it ever has been in the past. I do remember one

in January about 2002, where the number of flights overhead were extremely unusual. The number of

contrails in the sky was unbelievable. We were counting forty to sixty flights and, out of those forty to

sixty flights, most of them left an incredibly persistent large plume which would spread out and cover

the sky.”


Narrator: “As a landscaper Dickie has to be familiar with the types of trace chemicals usually

found in the environment. He regularly takes water and soil samples and has them tested.”


Dickie: “There was some research done that claimed that the aluminum oxide could be used to

reduce global warming. And I thought that if there was any chance that aluminum oxide would be used

in the atmosphere that it would show up in precipitation.”


Narrator: “He collected rain samples on days when he noticed heavier than usual air traffic and

took them to a lab.”


Dickie: “And I expected to see baseline measurements where aluminum would show up in

precipitation at about .0093 milligrams per liter; a very small amount of aluminum naturally present in

precipitation. It was twenty times higher, approximately, than what was expected to find.”


Narrator: “Dave Dickie believes that what he captured was the fallout from chemically laden



Dickie: “I was really hoping that we would find natural water samples. When I did find


and barium, it is just another one of the indicating factors that something was unusual.”


Narrator: “Theoretically, scientists can cool the earth using chemical compounds placed in the

upper atmosphere. But could other substances be put there for other more ominous purposes?”


Narrator: “Military victory or defeat can depend on the weather. A commander who can control the

weather has a weapon as powerful as any air force. During the Vietnam War the U.S. military began

seeding clouds along the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Project Popeye), to create floods and wash out North

Vietnamese supply routes. It was known as Operation Popeye and crews flew over 2,000 spray



Peterson – In the Vietnam War Agent Orange was released through attachments made to airplanes.

These chemicals were not mixed into the raw jet fuel.

In the 2004, Science Channel Program “Owning the Weather”, are the following statements on “Project

Popeye”: “…Though they had denied it for more than seven years (until Seymour Hersh of the New

York Times broke the story), the U.S. Military had been using weather modification as a weapon in

Vietnam and Laos. Starting in 1966, the United States Air Force had made over 2,600 top-secret cloud

seeding flights. Codenamed “Project Popeye”, this clandestine operation attempted to turn key enemy

transport roads to mud, rendering them impassable…As a result of the uproar over Project Popeye, on

the 10th of December 1976, the United Nations passed General Assembly Resolution 3172. It explicitly

banned the use of weather modification in warfare…” Other U.S. hurricane clouds seeding projects

have also been classified, until years later, due to the devastating results of these experiments.


Peterson: “I was told initially (about the persistent jet contrails), by a friend. He said his brother

was in the military service. He (the brother in the military) said when there are these heavy spray

days…heavy days when there are lots of persistent contrails…to keep his family inside (during that

time period), and when they were outside exposed to have them (have his family) go in and take

showers. And he couldn’t talk about it (further with me). He couldn’t explain more that that…”


Thomas: “We have extensive studies that the civilian aircraft, the airliners, were laying plumes that

basically dissipated within seconds to two minutes. The military aircraft in the same airspace laid

plumes lasting four to eight hours. The weather conditions are the same. The plumes are entirely

different. One is civil and one is military. Something is going on.”


Narrator: “Dave Dickie also believes the U.S. military is behind a lot of the ‘chemtrail’ activity. He

claims to have seen two very suspicious contrails while touring a civilian airport.”


Dickie: “Such as the day we spotted two aircraft, two KC135s. And it was call sign PETRO(?)

011 and PETRO(?) 012. The air traffic controllers were kind of showing us how the tower worked and

they identified these two aircraft as two American military KC135s. And what we could see was the

contrail, didn’t see the aircraft. It was just amazing to watch the grid patterns the KC135s were



Narrator: “People who research ‘chemtrails’ are convinced there is a conspiracy underway to

change the weather.”


Peterson – I provided the Best Evidence investigation team with NOAA public record documents

showing over fifty weather modification programs ongoing in the United States, which they did not use

in their program. To imply that I believe that there in a conspiracy theory about current experimental

weather modification is unacceptable since NOAA government documents prove that chemical

experimental weather modification is currently being conducted and has been underway for many

years in the United States.

In 2004, The Science Channel, for a special television program titled “Owing the Weather”, conducted

an interview with J. Gregory Glenn, a Research Scientist at Elgin Air Force Base in Florida, where

“…Air Force weapons researchers and nano particles specialists are conducting weather control


Popular Science Magazine, November 2005, Can We Stop Storms?


Boeing 747 Jet Aircraft:



Boeing 747 can hold up to 24,000 gallons of chemicals or other materials:


Weather Modification, Inc.: http://www.weathermod.com/

It should be noted that there is public evidence that almost all weather modification programs change

our weather and impact climate in other areas…sometimes disrupting agriculture production and local

micro-climates. They may cause unusual droughts and may be causing water and soil contamination,

as the chemicals used are environmental toxics. No public, agriculture, or U.S. Congressional

oversight is being conducted to protect the public from these toxics or their agricultural climate

impacts to my knowledge. (A lack of direct sunlight from persistent jet contrails and man-made clouds

may disrupt plant photosynthesis. Best Evidence did not use any interviews with the USDA on this



Narrator: “But Rosalind Peterson, Will Thomas, and Dave Dickie have one key burden of proof

working against their case. They have no means of capturing the chemical content they claim is so

harmful to humans and the environment. The challenge for Best Evidence will be to devise a number

of experiments to do just that. A growing number of people believe that seemingly normal contrails

are in fact experimental ‘chemtrails’. As such these compound-laden artificial clouds drift and linger in

the sky. ‘Chemtrail believers’ think it happens for several reasons.”


Peterson – When the Narrator refers to “seemingly normal contrails” above it should be clear that the

public is rarely seeing ‘normal contrails’.


Thomas: “This is a deliberate project to slow down catastrophic global warming.”


Peterson: “I think that some of the programs have to do with military operations.”


Narrator: “Leading experts who monitor the earth’s atmosphere say jet contrails are nothing more

than man-made artificial clouds. And like other clouds they can affect the climate. Dr. Wayne Evans is

an atmospheric scientist. He uses remote sensing devices, such as satellites and a spectrometer, to

study greenhouse gases and the contents and behavior of contrails. He first noticed contrails because

they formed at the same high altitudes as cirrus clouds.”

Dr. Wayne Evans, Atmospheric Scientist pointing toward the sky: “You see the two contrails

forming amongst the natural cirrus cloud that is moving in…so the contrails are forming cirrus clouds

and there are natural cirrus clouds in the same area. While most natural clouds actually reflect more

sunlight back into space than they supply infrared heat energy towards the earth. However, cirrus

clouds are different. They actually radiate more heat energy than they reflect solar energy back into

space. Therefore, cirrus clouds contribute to global warming.”


Peterson: How do we know that the cirrus clouds noticed above by Evans were not natural but formed

because of earlier persistent contrails?


Narrator: “Cirrus clouds drift in the same upper atmosphere as contrails. When the humidity and

temperature are just right contrails can themselves become cirrus clouds and have the same warming

effect on the climate.”


Narrator: “Patrick Minnis has specialized in cloud research for twenty-five years at NASA Langley

Research Center.”


Patrick Minnis, NASA: “The notion of ‘chemtrails’ is just ludicrous. I have heard many different

ideas of why these contrails are called ‘chemtrails’ and the reasons why they would be occurring. And

it appears that no one seems to agree on anything except that they’re not contrails. They don’t really

have an explanation for what they are and they are not willing to really look at the simplest

explanation…that they are contrails. We had found that (jet) contrails were producing much more cloud cover than we ever thought they did. This one particular aircraft produced a contrail that covered an area of four thousand square kilometers and lingered for six hours. But we also found that there were contrails covering much larger areas and lasting more than twenty hours.”


Peterson – Patrick Minnis supports what many of us having been seeing in our skies since the late

1980s. His current studies back up the fact that contrails are producing much more cloud cover and

that one aircraft can produce a contrail that can spread for thousands of square miles, linger for

almost a whole day blocking out direct sunlight from reaching the earth, and, in the process, change

our climate.

Historically, in rural Mendocino County, our skies were once a clear, deep blue. A review of

outdoor pictures of our area have confirmed that persistent jet contrails and the man-made clouds and

the white haze, that they now produce, began in the late 1980s. First there was just a longer plume that

expanded into a white haze. As the years passed man-made clouds and more than seventeen

individual types of contrail formations, with varying degrees of persistence, began to be seen here on

a regular basis.

Since our rural county has very little jet traffic, either historically or at the present time, this

does not explain the explosion of persistent jet contrails that produce man-made clouds or the white

haze made by jets looping-the-loop around our county. It should be noted that commercial airlines do

not normally loop-the-loop around our county because it would be a waste of jet fuel, very costly for

the commercial airline industry, and delays scheduled flights. In addition, the unmarked planes, that

usually leave various types of persistent jet contrails, look similar to large military aircraft, white or

silver gray jets shown on this program, and do not have, for the most part, commercial airline logos or

numbers on them.


Narrator: “If contrails are so pervasive and efficient at spreading over large areas of the sky could

scientists use them in experiments that could benefit the environment?”


Dr. Joseph Golden, Senior Research Scientist at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): “You could view contrails as a form of inadvertent weather modification.”


Narrator: “Deliberate weather modification is an attempt by atmospheric scientists to

nudge Mother Nature in the right direction. Using aircraft with spray mechanisms to dispense chemical compounds into the sky, weather can be suppressed or intensified over a limited area for a period of time.


Peterson – Golden agrees with me that contrails change our weather. We see it every time we are

“blitzed” by jets leaving persistent jet contrails that soon cover Mendocino County skies with white

haze and man-made clouds. This covering lowers daytime temperatures, raises night temperatures,

and also increases humidity in Mendocino County as noted in historical research of weather, rainfall

and humidity in our area.

These changes have the potential to negatively impact crop production and cause agricultural and tree

pests to proliferate, along with molds, mildews, and fungus. The unusual lack of freezing temperatures

at night in the winter of 2005 – 2006 resulted in a fruit tree crop production loss. It is believed that the

lack of direct sunlight reaching the earth from persistent jet contrails (we have had only three days free

of persistent jet contrails between January 1st and March 25, 2007), may have resulted in a reduction in

photosynthesis which has retarded native grasses from growing normally as they would if direct

sunlight were hitting the earth and providing the energy that grass (from crops to rangeland grasses),

needs to grow.


January 18, 2006 – Farm Bureau:


March 7, 2007 – Lawrence Livermore Laboratory: “Crops Feeling The Heat”


In addition, Golden confirms that spraying mechanisms exist and can be attached to jets that dispense

chemicals into the sky, which is what many of us have witnessed in the United States. Best Evidence

was presented with videotape of wing-tip-to-wing-tip spraying by an unmarked jet which they did not

use for this program.

United State Patent 3,899,144 Titled: “Powder Contrail Generation” by the United States Navy on

August 12, 1975. This patent details the entire process of artificial contrail generation similar to what

citizens are seeing in our skies today around the world.




Narrator: “Dr. Joseph Golden is a weather modification pioneer. He has been studying weather for

the U.S. government for over forty years.”


Golden: “No matter what we do there will be people that are convinced that something secret is

going on. The earliest that I was involved in weather modification research, in the United States, was

with project StormFury, which has a history dating back to the 1960s. The goal of the StormFury

experiments was to again to weaken the hurricane by as much as 10% to 15%.”


Narrator: Project StormFury experimented with the process known as cloud seeding. Aircraft

would fly into the eye of the hurricanes and spray silver iodide. In theory the chemical compound

would bond with the super cooled moisture in the hurricane and cause it to freeze. A number of

complex changes to the eye-wall were supposed to take place and weaken the hurricane’s destructive

speed and power. Eventually the project failed (NOAA 1982), as costs escalated into the millions of

dollars without demonstrating conclusive results.”


NOAA Project StormFury 20-Year History:



Narrator: “But as technologies advanced clouds seeding was put to other uses.”

Terry Krauss, VP Meteorology, Project Manager, Weather Modification, Inc: “In the last ten

years there have been major advances in the type of silver iodide that we are using.”


Peterson – What changes in the type of silver iodide and what chemicals compose this change?

Human health effects?


Narrator: Terry Krauss is a meteorologist and Project Manager for North Dakota based Weather

Modification, Inc. The company owns a large fleet of aircraft and conducts cloud seeding projects in

more than a dozen countries around the world.”


Weather Modification, Inc. Home page, Atmospheric Research, Aircraft Modification, and Cloud

Seeding Equipment:







Krauss: “The demands for fresh water are increasing. People think nothing of drilling wells and

extracting ground water. Well, now we are trying to use modern technology to extract water that goes

unused in this river of water vapor that is passing over us each second of the day. A lot of people

don’t realize that California has been conducting wintertime cloud seeding for almost fifty years to

supply the increasing demand for water (and power) in California.”


Rosalind – It appears that there are no government regulations on the type and scope of more than

fifty weather modification programs and experiments that are currently ongoing in the United States.

In addition, the drilling of wells does not cause climate change or use chemicals for extracting water.

However, private, military, university, and government weather modification programs do change our

climate and alter local micro-climates negatively impacting agriculture in surrounding counties and

states in the United States.

Krauss speaks of unused water vapor. However, that water vapor would have a final destination as

rain or snow somewhere else, in another county or state, if not artificially interfered with by chemicals.

When you deliberately put more snow in the Wyoming mountains (December 2005-February 2006), you

deprive another area of the rain or moisture that would normally fall in other areas. Thus, more snow

in the Wyoming mountains may cause drought in surrounding counties or states. What legal right do

we have to modify the weather and deprive other areas of that so-called “unused water vapor” that

could alleviate droughts or keep our agriculture micro-climates intact?

(Also note that weather modification companies have a financial investment in promoting experimental

weather modification programs and would see nothing wrong with implementing those programs.)


Narrator: “If chemicals like silver iodide dispensed from aircraft can make it snow in

California (Wyoming, Texas, Colorado+), and rain on the wheat fields of Indiana, what is to

stop atmospheric scientists from engineering the climate on a global scale?”


Narrator: “Geoengineers look at ways to alter climate systems by introducing chemicals into the

upper atmosphere. Scientists recognize that one of the most efficient and economical ways to do this

is with the use of high flying aircraft.”


Dr. Tom Wigley, Senior NOAA Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, University

Corporation for Atmospheric Research: “We are certainly not going to do anything that might

endanger the climate system. (This is a questionable statement.) Geoengineering has been around for

a number of decades. But because the climate system seems to be changing more rapidly than

we expected, then we are resurrecting the idea and considering it more seriously.”


Narrator: “Tom Wigley is (a Senior NOAA scientist) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

He has published theories about geoengineering as a strategy to combat global warming.”


Wigley: “The particular type of geoengineering that I’ve considered in some detail is putting

sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. If there is a big explosive volcanic eruption like the eruption in

1991, of Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines, sulfur dioxide is injected into the stratosphere, aerosols form,

and there is a measurable and fairly well understood cooling effect.”


Narrator: “The sulfur dioxide from volcanoes has a beneficial effect on climate. It can reflect solar

rays, cool the earth’s atmosphere, and offset global warming. Scientists like Tom Wigley (and Paul Crutzen), see a lesson in this.”


Wigley: “We could fly airplanes in the upper atmosphere, in the stratosphere and have big tanks of sulfur dioxide that we injected into the stratosphere as the planes flew around.”


Peterson – This is the point where Best Evidence started using ‘bait and switch’ tactics to change the

subject as shown below. Weather modification and geoengineering chemicals are not likely to be

added to raw jet fuel. No one has made this claim to my knowledge.


Narrator: “Is it conceivable that aircraft fuel might contain secret additives to make weather

modification and geoengineering a reality? In an attempt to resolve the differences in this case

believers and skeptics will go head-to-head on the controversial subject of chemical contrails.”


Narrator: “There has been an explosion in commercial air traffic (where is the statistical proof that

the number of large jet flight have increased versus the number of passengers traveling by air?).”


Golden: “There are regions in the United States where there are so many jets, when the jet traffic

is so high, that in fact, you can get substantial amounts of contrail clouds that blend together.” (Why

are these persistent jet contrails found in rural areas that have had no increase in commercial jet



Thomas: “This is something very, very different.”


Narrator: “Some people believe that contrails can be transformed into ‘chemtrails’ when jet fuel is

combined with chemical additives. They claim that airborne experiments to control the weather and

slow down or reverse global warming have begun. They say that the sheer number and persistence of

contrails in the sky is visible proof. Others disagree.”


Golden: “There is no evidence for supporting that assertion.”


Narrator: “Who is right, and who is wrong, or is the truth somewhere in between?


Peterson: “I designed this (2006 contrail) poster as a jet contrail index to show the different types

of contrails that people are seeing in the sky. And these different types of persistent contrails I have

questions about. Why these formations? Why (are there) different dispersion rates. Why do we have

Xs? Why do we have long parallels with wisps coming up? These persistent parallels, we have knots

on a rope…what is actually going on?”


Narrator: “Best Evidence took California environmental activist Rosalind Peterson’s photos to

NASA cloud expert Patrick Minnis for his opinion on the jet contrail patterns Peterson finds so



Minnis: “These are some very imaginative names and very interesting.” (Minnis is shown looking

at the jet contrail 2006 index poster with pictures on it from Mendocino, Lake & Sonoma Counties in



Peterson: “Why do they come in a long line from the jet and then go to a burst?”


Minnis: “What this shows here is a picture of a contrail that appears to go into a cirrus cumulous

cloud. I doubt either one of this has anything to do with this one, this maybe a different altitude.”


Narrator: “Looking at the same visual evidence Patrick Minnis sees contrails and clouds where

Rosalind Peterson sees ‘chemtrails’.”


Peterson – The Best Evidence Narrator has made an incorrect assumption in the above statement.

Like Minnis, I also see persistent jet contrails that turn into man-made clouds, bursts, many types of

contrails, and white haze. The term ‘chemtrail’ is undefined and only promotes confusion and visions

of unfounded conspiracy theories in the minds of some our elected officials and citizens of the United

States. It is a way for Best Evidence to promote ‘conspiracy theory’ stories and negate government

documents and what we have been seeing in our skies?


Peterson: “We have skies that show one type (of contrail) at the same time as another type (of

contrail). And we get “Vibrant Spectrums” (of unusual colors, for example), that look like this (the

picture on my poster).”


Minnis: “This is a halo feature that you often see with ice crystals. There is just an infinite variety

of things these pictures have witnessed. It all depends on how the planes flying through the

conditions and the engines; whether there is any turbulence. This atmosphere is a fluid just like the

ocean. It is full of waves. So there is an explanation for all these patterns that you see.”


Peterson – The halo feature that Minnis is describing above is my poster picture of a Vibrant Spectrum,

historically not seen in Mendocino County, CA, that we now see frequently in California – Could this

effect be caused by the NASA CRRES Program experiments which disperse chemicals in our

atmosphere? Note the jet contrail in this picture and the unusual man-made clouds. These types of

man-made clouds are present during many of these events, so that the experiment may be seen from

both satellites and ground observations. I believe that one would not be able to see some of these

(halo color) experiments without the use of man-made clouds. The URL below is an online example of

a Vibrant Spectrum.



Peterson - I expected to find Minnis (and NASA/NOAA), curious about all the different types of contrails

pictured in my (2006) posters and at least expected that NASA might investigate these various types of

plumes instead of simply speculating on what was pictured. Where is NASA’s curiosity about the

changes in our skies that have occurred since the late 1980s? If the atmosphere is as ‘fluid’ as Minnis

claims, then how does one address the issue of the repeating recognizable jet contrail types and why

each different type persists with predictable specific dispersions rates and patterns?

Toothpaste trails have a very distinct pattern and always dissipate at the same rate, never turning into

large white plumes. They dissipate quickly leaving only a light, white haze behind. Also one side of the

jet may leave a haze while the other side of the jet leaves the toothpaste pattern (I have a March 29,

2007, tape that has an excellent time-lapse progression showing this phenomenon). However, the

‘mushroom’ type contrails always have the same persistence pattern and spread out across the sky

turning into man-made haze and clouds. And why are there black contrails that persist in the same

way as white ones? And why do different jets, in the same photograph, leave various types of

contrails patterns all occurring at the same time with different persistence rates according to contrail


One should note water vapor and ice crystals should look the same when formed behind a jet. The

unusual patterns and dissipation rates which are repeated in thousands of pictures in the United States,

Canada, and around the world cannot be so easily explained. If the atmosphere, as Mr. Minnis states,

is fluid then one would conclude that repeatable jet contrail patterns and their respective repeating

dissipation rates would not occur.


********** The NASA / U.S. Air Force CRESS 1990 Press Kit


outlines an atmospheric NASA testing

program (linked to H.A.A.R.P. [ www.haarp.net ] and the U.S. Air Force, that could produce the Vibrant Spectrums

(auroras), referenced above, as shown in my poster pictures. In this program canisters are loaded with

chemicals and superheated at different atmospheric levels. These canisters contain the following

chemicals that could be polluting our air and are showing up with unusual spikes in drinking water

supplies in across California (California State Department of Health, Drinking Water Division Water

Test Results-Public Records, Sacramento, California), and Arizona:

Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, Calcium, SF6-Sulfur hexafluoride

Note that SF6 is a very potent, toxic gas. It has the energy-trapping potential of 25,000 times that of

Carbon Dioxide. The EPA has taken action to restrict release of this dangerous greenhouse gas and

yet it is being used in atmospheric testing programs.


Barium Releases March 22, 1976



Lithium Red Sky April 16, 1979 – Alaska Science Forum:



Alaska's Space Pyrotechnics – Alaska Science Forum – Barium February 18, 1985



Best Evidence did not use these government reports in their program to show that these chemicals are

being released. In addition, since aluminum is not added to raw jet fuel, these programs may be one

answer as to why these chemicals are showing up, as unusual spikes, in California and Arizona

drinking water and water basin tests.


Peterson: “I think that one of the reasons that you have the jets doing what they are doing (cross

hatches, tic-tac-toes, Xs, ovals, loop-the-loops, while producing varying types of persistent jet

contrails), is so that they (government agencies, the military, universities, etc.), can see their

experiments in space. The satellites can see them from above or below (from the ground). They can

see which way the wind moves. They can see dispersion levels. They can see the impacts (of their



Narrator: “Dr. Wayne Evans, (Atmospheric Scientist) has observed contrails, using satellites, and

analyzed their chemical composition with a land based spectrometer.”


Evans: “There are two spectrum here. One is the spectrum of a jet contrail, which is blue, and

the other is clear sky a couple of degrees off the contrail. We have done that on several occasions,

and we detected a number of gasses: nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, carbon dioxide,

carbon monoxide, and we saw methane (air pollution from jet fuel emissions). We haven’t seen any

evidence of strange chemicals being used.”


Dr. Evans backed up the EPA Jet Fuel Emission documents by finding the above listed greenhouse

gases. Scientists also have been worried about nitric acid in jet fuel emissions depleting the beneficial

ozone in the atmosphere since the 1970s. With the increase in jet flights since the early 1970s, it may

be one of the major causes of the ozone holes scientists are finding at this time.


Narrator: “Whether clouds or contrails, their contribution to climate change is an acknowledged

fact. But ‘chemtrail’ believers go a step further.”


Peterson: “Well, jet fuel emissions leave particulates. The EPA and health officials all tell us that

particulates are a pollutant and that they (jet fuel emissions) exacerbate asthma and other things

(negatively impacting human health and agriculture crops).”



ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY PA420-R-99-013 - Final Report "Evaluation of Air Pollutant

Emissions from Subsonic Commercial Jet Aircraft", U.S. Environmental Protection Agency April 1999.

Public Health & Aircraft Emissions:

*Note: The full report is available online at:




or on the U.S. EPA Website.


Narrator: “Those who believe in ‘chemtrails’ keep a close eye on the heath of those who live under

these overhead activities.”


Thomas: “In incidences where doctors and nurses reported very high levels of emergency room

admissions, two and three times above normal in one-hundred twenty-two cities, they said it was not

the flu. They said we do not know what this is. Correspondents in those cities contacted me and

reported, in their words, heavy ‘chemtrail’ activity. We can go further and say that air traffic controllers

in the United States have privately expressed their concerns to us, the investigators, of public health

problems because of this particulate matter falling down, which very could possibly be bringing down

virus, fungi, and bacteria that live and breed in the upper atmosphere.”


Minnis: “The advancing warm air in front of a cold front is moist, the pressure is dropping so you

get allergies and all sorts of different things are occurring. And that is one reason I expect that people

are associating ‘contrails’ with illness or bad feelings.”


Peterson – This argument does not add up because persistent jet contrails are evident when the

barometric pressure is high and there are no approaching cold fronts.

In addition, The EPA has reported the following health effects from subsonic jet fuel emissions:


ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY PA420-R-99-013 - Final Report "Evaluation of Air Pollutant

Emissions from Subsonic Commercial Jet Aircraft", U.S. Environmental Protection Agency April 1999.

"Public Health and Aircraft Emissions": (Summary of the EPA Report)

"Ultimately, EPA's principal concern in evaluating and controlling (jet fuel) emissions is the

preservation of human health and, secondarily, the protection of public welfare (including protection

against damage to crops, vegetation, animals, and buildings)...In particular, they have significant

concerns regarding the effect of NOx on local and regional environments. Tropospheric NOx has

multiple environmental quality impacts…contributing to ground-level O3 and PM, but also air toxic

concentrations, excess nitrogen loads to sensitive water bodies, and acidification of sensitive

ecosystems (EPA 1997a)." (PM = Particulate Matter)

"Table 1.1 Representative health effects of air pollutants.” Jet Emission Pollutants:

‘Ozone - Lung function impairment, effects on exercise performance, increased airway

responsiveness, increased susceptibility to respiratory infection, increased hospital admissions and

emergency room visits, and pulmonary inflammation, lung structure damage. (Examples of these

effects are chronic inflammation and structural damage to lung tissue and accelerated decline in

baseline lung function.)”

“Carbon Monoxide - Cardiovascular effects, especially in those persons with heart conditions…similar

health effects on animals as on humans.”

“Nitrogen Oxides - Lung irrigation and lower resistance to respiratory infections. Premature mortality,

aggravation of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, changes in lung function and increased

respiratory symptoms, changes to lung tissues and structure, and altered respiratory defense

mechanisms…” (Asthmatics are especially sensitive.)

“Volatile Organic Compounds - Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual

disorders, and memory impairment.” (Note: This entire report was presented to Best Evidence.)

Complete EPA Report: http://www.epa.gov/oms/regs/nonroad/aviation/r99013.pdf


Narrator: “Some industrial practices pollute the planet and cause global warming. But ‘chemtrail’

believers’ also say that the evidence of higher than normal levels of aluminum (barium not mentioned),

and other metals in the atmosphere, is a direct result of airborne experiments with climate change.”


Narrator: “The theory behind geoengineering is that scientists could put substances into the upper

atmosphere that would reflect sunlight back into space, lowering surface temperatures to combat

global warming. But has this concept already gone beyond theory?”


Alvia Gaskill, Jr, President, Environment Reference Materials, Inc: “Look these ideas have been

around for a long time. And they range everything from firing artillery shells full of soil into the

stratosphere to using synthetic chemicals like aluminum oxide, which if the particles were small

enough, they might float around in the atmosphere for a number of years and reflect sunlight. And

finally using gases such as sulfur dioxide which reflects sunlight. So in effect what you would achieve

is putting millions of tiny mirrors in the atmosphere that would reflect sunlight.”


Peterson - Worldwide persistent jet contrails are creating climate change and exacerbating global

warming. Geoengineers are planning a myriad of experiments to slow global warming without first

using our advanced technology to decrease the pollution emitted by jets or have jet fly at altitudes that

reduce the persistent jet contrails that make man-made cirrus clouds.

We already know from scientific research that ‘global dimming’ has been occurring at an accelerating

rate since the late 1980s.


NOVA “Dimming the Sun” April 2006: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/sun/contrail.html




Global Dimming: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/tvradio/programmes/horizon/dimming_prog_summary.shtml


November 20, 2006: “NASA plans to block out the Sun”



May 3, 2006: “Blocking Out the Sun” http://californiaskywatch.com/global_warming/index.html


December 18, 2003: “Goodbye Sunshine:



New Jersey Institute of Technology – January 23, 2006 Solar Physicists Report Paradox: “Less

Sunlight but Temperatures Rise” http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2006-01/njio-nsp012306.php


Alaska Science Forum – “SAD: A Sign of the Sunless Season” – November 10, 1995



What are the human health effects when we

dim the sunlight during geoengineering experiments to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the


If we geoengineer more ‘global dimming’ without reducing the negative impacts of jet produced

persistent contrails and man-made clouds, could we face a severe lack of direct sunlight which could

have adverse impacts on agricultural crop production? In order for all plants to grow photosynthesis

needs to take place. Without direct sunlight or with only ‘dimmed’ sunlight crop production will be

lowered. Can we afford the recent increase in rickets in children who don’t receive enough Vitamin D

from direct sunlight? Can we afford the recent increase in humidity from persistent jet contrails and a

reduction in sunlight reaching the earth that allows for agricultural and tree pests, molds, mildews,

viruses, and fungus to grow and proliferate?

Could the increase in humidity be a causal factor not only in spread of Sudden Oak Death Syndrome

(S.O.D.), but in the decline of Oak trees in general that don’t have S.O.D?


Ukiah Daily Journal: March 9, 2007 “Governor Asks USDA to Declare Local Disaster (Mendocino

County, CA: http://www.ukiahdailyjournal.com/searchresults/ci_5397643

How is this possible when

Mendocino County, California, had normal rainfall and normal cold temperatures? Why aren’t our

elected officials looking at the fact that we had only four days of sunshine with no contrails this year?

The lack of photosynthesis is alleged to be a factor in stunted rangeland grasses and declining tree

health in Mendocino and Lake Counties in California.

“Global Dimming: A Review of the Evidence, G. Stanhill & S. Cohen, Agricultural & Forest Meteorology

Volume 107 (2001) Pages: 255-278 or “Observed Reductions of Surface Solar Radiation at Sites in the

U.S. and Worldwide, B. Liepert Geophysical Research Letters Volume 29 (2002), Pages: 1421-1433.

Why would NASA Scientists want to block out more of the sun that is already being dimmed and what

impact would this have on agricultural crop production and climate?



NASA http://asd-www.larc.nasa.gov/GLOBE/Count/Oct2005/ConEdNews_p1.pdf


In an October 2005 NASA Newsletter is the following: “A recent investigation focuses on how aircraft

can avoid creating vapor trails, also known as contrails. These spindly threads of condensation may

not seem important but some persist for hours and behave in the same way as high altitude cirrus

clouds, trapping warmth in the atmosphere and exacerbating global warming…”


Thomas: “The government of the United States and other governments are not going to admit to

the ‘chemtrail’ project(s). They would have to admit the dire gravity of the situation we are now in.

Now we are far down the road it becomes harder and harder to admit that, in fact, this has been going

on for years.


Peterson – Could the H.A.A.R.P. Project in Alaska, NOAA, DOE, NASA, Air Force, Department of

Defense, etc., be the reason for climate changes that have been escalating since the late 1980s, when

the funds and technology allowed for the escalation of atmospheric heating and testing programs like

NASA’s TMA Night Cloud tests using trimethylaluminum or the advanced testing of military weapons

systems like star wars?

NASA’s Night Clouds Atmospheric Testing Program:




Gaskill: “Well, I think it is not true because the main tenant that these people profess is that there

is some increase in the amount of jet contrails in the atmosphere and therefore it is due to the

expansion of these government funded ‘black projects’. Well, the fact of the matter is that the increase

in jet contrails can easily be attributed to one thing, increased air travel. And there is some concern

about the effect that may have on climate, but not because of some kind of a ‘conspiracy’ involving

government agencies operating in secret, to do some nefarious things.”


Peterson – According to my records there has been little significant increase in commercial jet flights

over rural Mendocino County in California, in the last few years. This is a new phenomenon that

appears to be caused by silver/gray or white unmarked jets, leaving various types of persistent jet

contrails, that crisscross and loop-the-loop around our county keeping us in a white haze and/or

various types of man-made clouds. The climate change here is significant and the increase in

humidity has been documented through current and historical records dating backing since before the

l970s. Rarely do we see commercial airlines leaving contrails, as their flight paths are straight lines

across Mendocino County.

I also challenge the claim, almost always used by government officials and elected representatives,

that increasing jet ‘passenger travel’ is the cause of all of these persistent jet contrails. We would like

the FAA and the U.S. Military statistics that commercial and military large jet traffic is increasing over

the United States – we need the statistics in this study going back to the early 1980’s through 2007.

Passenger travel may be increasing but are the number of large jet flights actually increasing?

Commercial airlines have been decreasing the number of flights and increasing the number of

passengers on each plane in recent years to save money.

A search of historical weather, cloud, and other historical pictures since the invention of the jet engine

have failed to demonstrate the various types of persistent contrails evolving into unusual clouds that

are now being seen across the United States and around the world. What happened in the late 1980s

that caused this change? What we are seeing in our skies is relatively recent, often startling, and on a

grand scale.


Narrator: “Both parties in this case are deadlocked. Are contrails just a matter of mistaken

identity? Put to the test with the most sophisticated equipment available will a jet fuel emission reveal

itself to be a ‘chemical contrail’? Both sides in the ‘chemical contrail’ debate agree that aviation fuel,

like all engine fuels, contains harmful pollutants. However, only the ‘chemtrail believers’ claim that

secret additives in jet fuel are being used in weather modification experiments.” (Once again Best

Evidence proceeds forward with their ‘bait and switch’ tactics.)


Peterson – I don’t think that we are deadlocked. I don’t believe, due to the sensitivity of jet engines,

that raw jet fuel additives are being used in weather modification experiments. (Please note here that

the Best Evidence Narrator changed the subject at this point using a bait-and-switch tactic, from

finding out what is in the various types of jet contrails after they form specific types of contrail or manmade

clouds in our skies, to examining whether raw jet fuel has had aluminum added to it.)


Weather modification equipment is either ground based or is attached to airplanes that release or

spray chemicals such as silver iodide into the atmosphere to produce rain or snow. Other chemicals

are used to dissipate clouds or fog. The suggestion that the manufacturer would produce a specific

raw jet fuel with these types of weather modification chemicals included in it would not be

economically practical or controllable because weather modification programs are site specific and

different chemicals are used to produce differing results.


Narrator: “Could scientists test a random sample and find high levels of aluminum oxide or other

unexpected compounds and solve this case? We traveled to Flint, Michigan, in search of the Best



Peterson – Best Evidence, at this point in the program, goes into a long explanation of the procedures

for laboratory testing of one raw sample of commercial jet fuel for aluminum at Kettering University in

Flint, Michigan, and in a jet turbine engine. Since it seems unlikely that anyone requested this

particular test or had ever raised the issue of aluminum being in raw jet fuel, one has to wonder why

Best Evidence spent so much program time on this testing procedure or even asked for this test to be

conducted. I did not transcribe this part of the program for this reason.

Best Evidence could have contacted jet fuel manufacturers and asked them if they were introducing

any aluminum into raw jet fuels or adding it in the manufacture of jet fuel additives, saving Kettering

University many man hours and money spent on this project. Best Evidence did not name the

manufacturer of the raw jet fuel they tested or determine the type of commercial jet fuel being tested.

And clearly they did not test any of the additives that the United States Air Force admits that they use.



Was the fuel tested JP-4, JP-8 with or without additives, or another type of jet fuel? Best Evidence did

not contact the EPA which has many studies and reports on jet fuel emissions that could have

provided information on the type of pollutants in jet fuel and their detrimental public health impacts.

Best Evidence also had Kerosene tested for aluminum. The jet fuel was also tested for sulfur dioxide

and, as expected, from reviewing EPA jet fuel emissions test reports, would be found in jet fuel. The

jet fuel manufacturers under U.S. law must provide the public with an MSDS (Material Data Safety

Sheet), on the hazards of their products along with human and environmental health hazards.

Aluminum and barium have both been showing up in unusually high spikes in drinking water tests

throughout California, where the State water test data has been reviewed in great detail. If these

additives were in jet fuel both the manufacturers and the EPA would have known about them being

added to raw jet fuel or they would have shown up in EPA jet emission tests.


Narrator: Ray M. Rust, Laboratory Technician and Coordinator, Kettering University, Flint Michigan

conducted all of the jet fuel testing for Best Evidence. (Please note the unusual man-made clouds over

the Flint, Michigan University Building at the beginning of the jet fuel testing segment. )


Narrator: “…Aluminum appears to be the metal most often identified by people who believe there

is a ‘conspiracy’ to turn contrails into ‘chemtrails’…Will our tests for aluminum in jet fuel support the

‘chemtrail believers’ case or will the results create even more controversy?”


Peterson – This is a continuation of Best Evidence’s ‘bait and switch’ tactics since no one that I know

of asked for raw jet fuel to be tested for aluminum. In addition, barium, which has also been linked to

atmospheric heating and testing programs, was ignored in this program.

Please note that there was an attempt by Best Evidence to turn these serious and well-documented

issues into a ‘conspiracy theory’. Our ‘Best Evidence’ was not used in some cases, like the DVDs and

VHS tapes of stop and go jet plumes that we supplied, the wing tip to wing tip spraying, and other

unusual time-lapse videos to show the wide variation in different types of plumes, and the time-lapse

video clips which were supported with pictures.


Peterson: “I think that there is a lot of atmospheric testing going on and that is where some of the

chemicals (like aluminum and barium) come from.”


Narrator: “Rosalind Peterson and others believe that some jet contrails contain chemical additives.

They are part of secret government weather modification programs…some ‘chemtrail believers’

suspect sulfur could be used in atmospheric cooling experiments that could help reverse global



Rust: “EPA regulations are requiring us to remove sulfur because the SO2 compounds

are hard on our lungs. So even if sulfur compounds were good at cooling the earth off, we

certainly wouldn’t want to be adding them in fuel…The sulfur range was very normal, it looks

like regular commercial diesel fuel…very similar to diesel…”


Peterson – Ray Rust, from Kettering University, supports the reasons why sulfur should not be used in

proposed geoengineering programs. And they certainly should not be used when California just

removed the majority of sulfur in diesel fuel in California in 2006, for health reasons. This is another

reason why NASA should not be holding, as they did in November 2006, secret meetings at NASA

AMES, with internationally known Geoengineers to discuss these experimental projects and possible

implementation of them, without public knowledge or participation.


Narrator: “…If no one is doping commercial jet fuel anywhere else and additives are not

responsible for high levels of aluminum in the atmosphere, then ‘chemtrail believers’ say it could be

coming from military jets.”


Peterson: “The United States Air Force releases tons of aluminum coated fiberglass call Chaff over

California and other states.”


Narrator: “This form of aluminum is injected directly into the atmosphere by military aircraft (as

shown on video at this point in the program). Could it account for the high doses of aluminum that

‘chemtrails believers’ say accompanies unusual aircraft activity? We will investigate that on Best



Peterson – The United States Air Force backed up our evidence that they were releasing Chaff,

aluminum coated fiberglass particulates, into the environment by providing the videotape Best

Evidence used in this program.

United States Air Force Website – January 2003 Aluminum Coated Fiberglass (Chaff) & Flares



Best Evidence did not investigate the human health impacts of Chaff particulates, their impact on

animals and other wildlife, or on the detrimental consequences on tree health when trees absorb

aluminum into their root systems or the aluminum contamination of drinking water supplies.


Narrator: “Best Evidence testing, at Kettering University at Flint, Michigan, for liquid and engine

emissions for commercial aircraft, revealed no significant traces of either aluminum or sulfur. (The

tests did show traces of sulfur.) These substances are often cited by people who believe normal jet

contrails are actually laden with experimental chemicals.”


Geoengineering with Sulfur



Page #1-National

Geographic News August 4, 2006 Extreme Global Warming Fix Proposed: “Fill the Skies With Sulfur”



Page #2-National

Geographic News August 4, 2006 by: Kate Ravilious Extreme Global Warming Fix Proposed: “Fill

the Skies With Sulfur”

The question is: Why is the EPA requiring all sulfur to be taken out of diesel fuel in California by the

end of 2006, because sulfur pollutes the air…and now there is serious consideration being given to

this type of future project.


Original URL: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/08/01/an_artificial_volcano/




Sulfur Geoengineering 2006 - Bomb Earth's atmosphere with sulphur, researcher says


By Thomas C Greene in Washington Published Tuesday 1st August 2006 09:36 GMT


Thomas: “Looking up from ground level we can observe ‘chemtrails’ that are much different from

the normal condensation trail.”


Narrator:The visual evidence is mounting and with it the ‘chemtrail believers’ concerns have

grown…The United States Air Force did not grant Best Evidence’s request for a sample of the high

performance fuel they use in military jet aircraft. And that according to those who believe in ‘chemical

contrails’ raises another concern.”


Peterson: “The United State Air Force releases tons of aluminum coated fiberglass, called chaff,

over California and other states.”


Narrator: “Chaff isn’t an aluminum fuel additive. It is ejected from the under-belly of a military (as

shown in the video of a jet releasing aluminum coated fiberglass), aircraft to confuse radar and avoid

detection by enemy surveillance.”


Golden: “They are like little needles coated with aluminum and they’re bundled together and they

have been used since the Second World War to produce artificial targets for radar.”


Narrator: “Chaff drifting in the air can also help scientists track wind currents.”


Golden: “When it is released from an aircraft these needles are so small and so lightweight they

follow the air motion. So it is a very clever way of getting wind measurements in clear air.”


Narrator: “Chaff technology can therefore be used in tracking weather modification experiments

(as shown in the video portion of the program).”


Golden: “The Department of Defense, just a year or two ago, sponsored a workshop in

Washington, D.C., on weather modification. So it makes you wonder if, in fact, the military is still

continuing to address weather modification in their tool kit. And that is fine. I have no problem with



Narrator: “For every convincing statistic and dramatic visual about something strange going on in

the skies there is a counter argument from the skeptics that is equally persuasive. Whether anyone

can be proven innocent or guilty there is little doubt that the technology and the potential for ‘chemical

contrails’ experimentation does exist.”


Thomas: “I have contacted the U.S. Air Force and they said we are not doing that, it’s not true.

This is the same body that has come out with a report (hundreds), “Owning the Weather in 2025”,

calling for weather force specialists, flying tankers, to lay reflective particles in an operation they call

‘aerial obscuration’.”

(Owning the Weather documents can be found on this site:




Gaskill: We need to take advantage of everybody on this planet to help solve the problem of

global warming. If we can do it with some form of climate engineering all the better.”


Peterson – Please note that Gaskill is alleged to be associated with a private business to make a profit on weather modification and/or geoengineering projects. Therefore, he would likely be interested in promoting Climate Engineering in order to make a profit.






Narrator: According to ‘chemtrail believers’ like Rosalind Peterson, Dave Dickie, and Will Thomas

the evidence seems irrefutable. They are convinced (from public government documents and other

evidence) that chemicals are being placed in the atmosphere using jet aircraft and their contrails (or in

canisters released in our atmosphere to conduct atmospheric heating and testing programs). These

activates they say are reckless attempts at climate change and they are being kept a secret.”

Thomas: “In the winter of 2005, the United States Government established a Federal Bureau of

Weather Modification in Washington, D.C. This is a government-mandated agency who’s stated

mission is to modify the weather and climate. Under this rubric, I believe, they could come out and

admit to a ‘chemtrail’ type project.”


Narrator: “The case we call ‘chemical contrails’ may never be solved without full government

disclosure. And yet neither side in the debate denies that contrails are a problem. Contrails are a

natural consequence of jet travel. They spread and linger and become part of the cloud cover over the

earth. Scientists acknowledge that, in this way, they contribute to global warming.”


Gaskill: We don’t’ have a hundred years, we have maybe twenty years, before we start seeing

some of the serious effects of climate change.”


Narrator: “Eyewitnesses accounts, backup up by satellite images, prove just how widely contrails

are blanketing the planet. But what isn’t clear is whether any program is actually underway in our blue

skies while the public remains in the dark.”


Thomas: “I would not be surprised to see, in the next year or two, as public clamor increases, for

something to be done to mitigate the worse effects of climate change. The U.S. government could

come out and admit to this program.”


Gaskill: “If we are not going to be able to come up with replacement technologies in time, if we

are not going to be able to regulate emission in time, we are really left with taking these other

extraordinary means. The goal is to reduce the warming of the earth before the catastrophe comes.”











April 2, 2007


What did we learn from this program that backs up public government records?


1) Dr. Wayne Evans (Atmospheric Scientist) confirmed that some jet contrails may form cirrus

clouds and that they radiate more heat energy than they reflect back into space thus

contributing to global warming. Dr. Evans has confirmed with his land based spectrometer

that jet fuel emissions are found in contrails and these include the greenhouse gases:

“nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric acid, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and



2) Dr. Patrick Minnis, (NASA), confirms that contrails are producing man-made cloud cover.

And that NASA only recently discovered and confirmed that a persistent contrail lingered for

more than twenty hours and covered at least “four thousand square kilometers”.


3) Dr. Joseph Golden (NOAA), “…You could view contrails as a form of inadvertent weather

modification…” And he has been involved in weather modification research and knows

about experiments that were implemented under Project StormFury. He also confirms that a

second use for Chaff, aluminum coated fiberglass particulates, is that it is being released in

the United States for “…getting wind measurements in clear air…”


4) Terry Krauss (Vice President Weather Modification, Inc.) – This company owns a large fleet

of aircraft and “…conducts cloud seeding project in more than a dozen countries in the

world…” This company also conducts weather modification programs in the United States

according to NOAA documents.


5) Alvia Gaskill, Jr. (Environment Reference Materials, Inc.), confirms that there is concern

about the effect that contrails have on climate. He also notes that aluminum oxide and

sulfur dioxide could be placed in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight.


6) Ray M. Rust (Laboratory Coordinator, Kettering University), “EPA regulations are requiring

us to remove sulfur because the SO2 compounds are hard on our lungs…” Small amounts

of sulfur were found in their experiments and no aluminum was found in raw jet fuel or its



And we do know that some scientists are working on implementing experimental geoengineering projects to cool the earth and reduce global warming. The program ‘Narrator’ did admit that there is growing visual evidence. However, there does not appear to be any public or government oversight or input into any of these projects to protect agriculture or public health. We clearly don’t have any idea what the environmental and health impacts of these experimental atmospheric heating and testing programs and experimental weather modification programs, that are either planned or ongoing, are having now on our environment.


Why don’t our scientists and our elected officials want to talk about most of these projects? There is only one answer. If they admit that they know what is going on then they must take action and they must protect the health of our children and our planet. Denial is everywhere…but it can’t continue if we take action by joining together and hammering these issues until the door is wide open. We all want our clear, deep blue skies back…and we want all of these programs out in the open so that we, the American people, have a voice.


The word ‘chemtrail’ and the conspiracy theory and hoax issues linked to the word ‘chemtrail’ make it clear that there is no point in using this word to describe what is happening to our skies. The Discovery Channel’s Best Evidence Program demonstrates how they used the phrase ‘chemtrail believers’ and turned it into a ‘Straw Man’ argument which discredits those who know that something is happening to our skies and our atmosphere. It appears this program was not designed to be a fair and impartial program, at all times, and that it was allegedly written to discredit those who are bringing this subject to light, listing us and ‘others’ or ‘chemtrail believers’; those who believe in a hoax or a conspiracy theory. Whatever the intent it certainly had this effect.


Best Evidence’s ‘Chemical Contrails’ program is another example of why our elected officials won’t take what is happening to our atmosphere seriously or support us in trying to find out what is really happening to our skies. We do have government documents and other supporting evidence about many of these programs. However, solid evidence and research is ignored and replaced with farfetched rumors, speculation, diversions, straw man arguments, bait and switch tactics, and distractions.


This is why I encourage everyone to start using proven evidence, not anecdotal evidence, and

government documents to change our way of presenting these issues to our elected officials and the press. We need to eliminate the word “chemtrail” from our references so that we are taken seriously in the future and not marginalized by this word. I know that eliminating this word will be difficult. However, the word, ‘chemtrail’ is preventing us from gaining credibility with the media and more importantly, with our elected officials. And this word allows the media and our elected officials to ignore these important issues.


Our government does not have the right to experiment on us or our environment without our consent and they should not be able to send our tax dollars to universities or private companies who will do the experimentation for them. Weather modification experiments by private companies (like insurance companies), without government and public oversight is just one example. The H.A.A.R.P. Atmospheric Experimental Project in Alaska is another example of experimentation without oversight and public representation.


We have the right to have our grievances, under the U.S. Constitution, addressed by those we elect to public office. And we have the right to know what experiments are taking place in our atmosphere and to understand their potential impact on our lives, our children, our crops, our trees, and our health. We, the people, have a right to know the truth about these experiments, and proposed experiments, that are creating profound environmental changes all around us. And we, the people, have the right to have this information and the truth, backed up by studies and research, in order to make good decisions about our future and the future of planet earth.


Rosalind Peterson April 2, 2007


The following documents and information are provided for your information:


United State Patent 3,899,144 Titled: “Powder Contrail Generation” by the United States Navy on

August 12, 1975. This patent details the entire process of artificial contrail generation similar to what

citizens are seeing in our skies today around the world.



A contrail and artificial clouds can be made of almost anything including those referenced in a U.S.

Navy Patent for a powder contrail generator: “…oil smoke trails which produce a brilliant white

trail…The term "contrail" was adopted for convenience in identifying the visible powder trail of this

invention...The present invention is also suitable for use in other aircraft vehicles to generate contrails

or reflective screens for any desired purpose…” According to this Navy patent: “…Titanium dioxide

pigment was selected as the primary light scattering material because of its highly efficient light

scattering ability and commercially available pigment grades…” Silica is also used with the Titanium

Dioxide. The patent also includes information about the dispersion of Chaff.

The above equipment that may be attached to airplanes may also be purchased on the open market.

Any plane can be converted to contain and spray, drop, or mix any chemicals and distribute or spray

them in the air anywhere and at any time. We don’t know which planes are involved in which

government or private programs and there are no apparent government regulations or oversight with

regard to most of these programs…many of which are funded by our tax dollars. It is time to say “no”

until our grievance are addressed by our elected officials.


February 11, 1995 U.S. Patent: (This patent is listed as one example of similar patents.)





U.S. Code as of: 01/19/04







Watch: “Toxic Sky?”

NBC4 TV – Los Angeles, California News Program – Tuesday, May 23, 2006 11:00 P.M.

There will be a WEB report on NBC4.tv at 9:00 A.M. on May 24, 2006.

Points to Ponder: The KNBC station in Los Angeles, CA - Channel 4 broadcasted this report on May 23,


Contact Us: Talk To NBC 4!


3000 West Alameda Ave.

Burbank, CA 91523

Phone: (818) 840-4444

Professor Gregory Benford of UC Irvine works with the Department of Energy (DOE) on weather

research. Transcript from part of the “Toxic Skies” broadcast:

Gregory Benford: After viewing a short film segment of the skies above San Francisco and Marin

County Professor Benford stated: “I think these are contrails.” Another film segment brought the

following statement: “That’s very odd. They could be very large contrails.”

Paul Moyer: He says the DOE doesn’t know of any jets spraying chemicals to affect the weather.

However, he says, we will probably see it in the near future.

Gregory Benford: “You’ve got to, in a sense, engineer all these, so you get the right kind of clouds,

with the effects we want.”

Paul Moyer: It is called geoengineering. Fighting global warming by putting a chemical dust in the

atmosphere and reflecting harmful radiation back into space.

Gregory Benford: “You could use barium oxide, for example, which makes big fluffy clouds. You could

use tiny little bits of aluminum, which is benign in the environment, and essentially manage the

climate.” End of Transcript Segment


"Climate Controls"

By Professor Gregory Benford, Reason Magazine 1997 Gregory Benford is a professor of physics at

the University of California at Irvine. http://www.reason.com/news/show/30433.html

United State Air Force Contrail Facts:


Weather Modification History, Ethics & Legal Cases in the United States:

http://www.rbs2.com/w2.htm http://www.rbs2.com/w2.htm#anchor000001

http://rams.atmos.colostate.edu/gkss.html More Information: http://www.wmo.ch/



Book: The Dying of the Trees by Charles Little 1995 - This book gives another part of the hidden story

since the mid to late 1980s about what is happening to our trees. We cannot survive without them and

no one wants to talk about the thousands and thousands of different trees in decline, dead, or dying

across the United States.

* If you check with the CDC and start researching growing number of unusual bird and animal deaths,

the stunning decline in bee populations that are needed to pollinate wild flowers and crops, the rise in

asthma, rickets, the rise in UV radiation, the rise in air and water pollution, and the rise in unexplained

health problems, to the dying of our trees, you will find staggering numbers. Most of which are

unexplained. What is happening to our bee population? Can agriculture crop production survive

without bees and other pollinators?

http://www.record-bee.com/local/ci_5536287 Lake County, California March 2007

http://www.google.com/news?hl=en Bee Colony Collapse Disorder 2007 Could this new phenomenon

be attributed to some of our atmospheric tests – much as Navy Sonar can disrupt whales and


http://news.independent.co.uk/environment/wildlife/article2314202.ece March 2007 Honey Bees

Check: strangeanimaldeaths@yahoogroups.com

http://www.emedicine.com/radio/topic610.htm March 2007 Rickets – Lack of Vitamin D-Sunlight

http://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/recommendations/vitamin_D.htm CDC Rickets incidences

increasing. According to the CDC these increases could be caused by: “…Air quality conditions:

high levels of air pollution and Weather conditions: dense cloud covering…” Could this

recent increase be caused by the increase in persistent jet contrails that produce man-made



The IPCC published this report on Aviation now and in the future:



Please feel free to contact the Discovery Channel and let them know how you feel about the Best Evidence Program: ‘Chemical Contrails’ which aired on February 22, 2007.


E-Mail Address: http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations


Are they planning a follow-up program on these topics?


Additional Reading Materials: http://www.stormingmedia.us/12/1219/A121993.html






Whereas, agricultural crops and tree health could be adversely impacted by climate change produced

by experimental weather modification programs, atmospheric heating and testing programs, and

increasing air pollution from these programs;

Whereas, the use of microwaves, radio waves, lasers, and electromagnetic weapons systems may

adversely impact human health;

Whereas, the H.A.A.R.P. atmospheric experiments in Alaska may negative impact our atmosphere and

human health;

Whereas, a wide variety of trees and other vegetation are showing signs of declining health;

Whereas, the unusual decline and dying of our trees is increasing;

Whereas, this decline is creating a serious fire hazard in many areas across the United States;

Whereas, this decline may adversely impact local weather, rainfall totals, and local water supplies;

Whereas, global warming, climate change, Ultra-violet (UV) Radiation, and air pollution are increasing;

Whereas, persistent jet contrails are changing our weather, exacerbating global warming, and jet fuel

emissions are polluting our air;

Whereas, global dimming and persistent jet contrails, that produce man-made cirrus clouds, may

decrease photosynthesis thereby reducing crop production, cause a decline in tree and plant health,

and keep rangeland plants and grasses from growing normally due to a decrease in direct sunlight

reaching the earth;

Whereas, there are over fifty known experimental weather modification programs currently being used

across the United States without any studies to determine the synergistic effects of those programs or

their impact upon agricultural crops and water supplies;

Whereas, most of our elected local, county, state and federal representatives do not have oversight

over experimental, military, public, and private weather modification programs;

Therefore, we the undersigned demand to know how many regulated and unregulated weather

modification programs are currently being used and what affects these current experimental, military,

public, and private weather modification programs are having on agriculture crops, honey bee

populations, trees, and water supplies.

Therefore, we the undersigned, demand to know how atmospheric heating and testing programs are

changing our weather, polluting our air, abnormally moving the jet stream, and impacting our crops;

Therefore, we demand that jets leaving persistent jet contrails fly at altitudes that reduce persistent

contrails that produce man-made clouds that acerbate global warming, change our climate, and that jet

fuels be manufactured that are less polluting and have fewer adverse agriculture crop, ozone, and

human health impacts;

Therefore, we the undersigned, demand that our local, county, state and federal representatives take

action to stop unrestrained, experimental weather modification and atmospheric testing programs that

proliferate without any oversight to protect agriculture, trees, our watersheds, honey bees, drinking

water supplies and human health.


*RETURN TO: Rosalind Peterson, Post Office Box 499, Redwood Valley, California 95470

(707) 485-7520 E-Mail: info@californiaskywatch.com

Website: http://www.californiaskywatch.com/ or forward to your elected representatives.




Muita aiheita: Viranomaiset harjoittelivat Lontoon metron pommi-iskua samalla hetkellä kun "oikea" isku tapahtui! Juuri niin kuin 911 WTC-isku New Yorkissa. Yhdysvaltojen puolustusministeriö harjoitteli terroristien hyökkäystä WTC-torneja vastaan juuri samalla hetkellä kun "oikea" isku tapahtui. MIKÄ ON TODENNÄKÖISYYS, ETTÄ KAHDEN MAAN VIRANOMAISET HARJOITTELIVAT TERRORI-ISKUJA VASTAAN JUURI KUN "OIKEA" ISKU TAPAHTUI? Myös 311 junaisku Madridissa vuonna 2004 toteutettiin tutkimusten mukaan sisäpiiriläisten avulla. Yhdysvaltojen valuutta USD= $ = S 11 = September 11. Englannin valuutta GBP = £ = ylösalaisin 7 J = July 7 = päivä jona Lontoon isku tapahtui vuonna 2005. Kuka valitsi päivät viranomaisten harjoituksille? Viranomaiset. Euro = € ( Taas sen maan valuutta, jossa isku tapahtui). € kyljellään on M 11 = March 11 = Päivä jona Madridin isku tapahtui vuonna 2004. USA:n ja UK:n hallitusten rikollisen elementin symboliikkaa. Mitä he suunnittelevat nyt?




Kaksi kirjettä lentäjiltä

Kirjeiden aitoutta on mahdoton vahvistaa

Alkuperäinen teksti: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-pilot-disclosure/


The two letters below were forwarded to “The HAARP Report”, these texts were sent to me by the administrator of that site. The message source claims to be relaying statements from a US military pilot that is part of the ongoing aerosol spraying nightmare occurring in our skies day in and day out. Are the statements authentic? Is the source credible? I have no way of confirming in either case. This being said, the dots do connect with what I believe these pilots are being told. The power structure command always conveys a very simple message to troops, it’s us or them. This is the basic theme below that is described by the alleged pilot. The fact that the climate modification aspect is not aluded to at all is not a surprise. Informing military men and women participating in these programs of this aspect would greatly complicate the equation. Such disclosure would likely cloud the “black and white”, “us against them” mindset that those in power use to manipulate our brothers and sisters in the military. I am posting these messages as a matter of public disclosure. Though we have no way of verifying the validity of the posts below, the statements and assertions contained in the messages warrant examination.

First Relayed Message

I lived thru two hurricanes in the philippines. Scary.
My cousin who was fired by our dictator, just before making brigadere general, sent me information given to him by a friend, who is still an Air Force pilot. This pilot is saying that he flies CHEMTRAIL flights!
This pilot told my cousin that this global engineering effort, goes by the name of Indigo Skyfold. At least within the circle of pilots and aviation crews, that he works with. They are told to fly specific routes, and satellite com links control the aerosol dispersal patterns. He says that they only make course corrections, from time to time, and perform landings and take-offs. Pilot, navigation and maintenance crews are rotated constantly, and only spend about 18 months at one given base. He states, that is to keep pilots and their families from making too many friends, and ending up with “Loose Lips”. Plus, they also rotate between day and night flights. One base for daytime flights, and one for night. Each base covers a 250 mile zone, and each fleet (squadron) of planes can cover Three States, or an even larger swath of ocean.

They are told to simply do their job and “Shut the F*ck Up!”
Their superiors will only tell them. “It’s a matter of National Security”
“Without these flights, our enemy’s newest technological weapons of war, could easily penetrate America’s air space, at will. We are dedicated and committed to keeping our allies safe, from the same skyward threats. So we extend the arm of protection, to those countries who support our efforts. Hostile nations are also building Atmospheric Shields, while in the same discourse. Trying to explore weaknesses in our ever developing, air and space-based technologies.”

Sounds more like a PR statement to me.
I think this pilot, either believes what he is told. Or, he is simply trying to sugar coat their Genocide Project.

I told my cousin to ask him:
Why would you spray deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins, down upon your own children?
If you knew that chemtrails and HAARP, were killing them (your family) faster than any weapon, our enemy could possibly design? Why continue to spray? Why do you not refuse orders and allow a court martial (Of hundreds of chemtrail pilots), to stop this and draw public attention, to this Agenda?
For your children’s sake, Why?

I will let you know, what his response is.

Second Relayed Message

My firewall detected multiple intrusion attempts, when I googled the Indigo code as well. Zero info to be found on the internet, for this operation. That is unique.
I received a rather (lengthy) reply, from the chemtrail pilot. Here is that text, from his (or her) email.

First of all, I would like to say;
I do not agree with my mission assignments. But, what soldier ever truly does?
Several of us have considered bucking the ranks, and going AWOL from time to time.

We are kept in the dark, when it comes to getting honest answers about what we are really spraying.
Should they discover that we, or our families, are actively inquiring about your so called “chemtrails” term. Then, automatic and swift disciplinary actions will be taken. HAARP and Radar, are two other non-allowed research subjects.
Unless our children are learning about these in (base) schools. We cannot educate ourselves, or our children, through any public tutoring system.

I would not intentionally spray my children or family with toxic aerosols. But, you must know. 80% or better, do not have any family, or children. Indigo pilots are chosen from the top ranks, within the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. Most of the pilots are “Hardened to Humanity”, and could care less about killing off, unwanted or “Leaching” aspects of America, and the world. I swear to you. The majority of the pilots are like Machines. I call them (Tanker Terminators).

I should not be telling you this. But nearly one-third of all flights, are being orchestrated from small un-named islands. Where newly constructed bases, are being built, at a rate of eight per year. On these extremely remote islands, there are HAARP arrays of every possible design. With many arrays surrounding these islands, within the depths of the ocean itself. The Navy has developed sophisticated underwater construction technology. That allows fully autonomous robot submersibles, to travel great distances, and even manufacture parts for these massive under water arrays, as they progress across the open sea floor. Every time that you see or hear about military excercises at sea. They are basically there to give support and resupply, their army of underwater robotic minions. There is possibly, one aquatic robot per plane, and will soon be double that.

You will never be able to google Earth search any of this. Other than an occasional error, in blurring some island bases, or smudging images of underwater arrays. It is impossible to locate all these artifacts. They even paint fake clouds, over some of our island installations, to keep prying eyes away. I have been shown some of these images, by civilian friends. That is the reason I know this.

I completely understand your concern for human safety.
But, here is the Kicker.

We are shown videos in our training, of catastrophic destruction to our homeland, by very sophisticated weapons.
Then told, that these will be the consequences, if we don’t fly. Our efforts in building a defensive atmospheric weapons shield, are the only missions of it’s kind in the world. We are paid more than any other pilot, for our service. Other than Air Force One pilots. Who make as much or more, and are also kept in a dark secret world, for their protection.
They tell us that secrecy is our protection, and not to listen to any public rehtoric.

We all know about cyber program “flashpoint”, or FP-03 as it is known within the veteran community. This program is a Self Destruct sequence, that can be remotely activated, from any ground, water, underwater based, or other air mobile unit. The signal is encrypted through “Three” satellites, and cannot be jammed or blocked.
At any given moment, you could only have 15 seconds, to make peace with your God.

They tell us that FP exists, to keep planes from accidentally going down in heavily populated areas. They can remotely detonate our planes, over safe zones. But in the back of our minds. We are pretty sure, this is a fail-safe program to keep pilots from turning over assets, to any public, private or civilian authorities.

Have you ever seen any member of the crew, survive the few crashes that have occurred? Every plane that has gone down, was completely destroyed. For a good reason, I’m sure.

We risk our lives, in more ways than one, every single time that we fly. Especially night flights. They are ordering us to fly at lower and lower altitudes. We feel like massive “dark force Empire” crop dusters, and know that one night. Bubba, or Billy Joe will fire their long rifles at us. When we spray their moonshine making operation, or pass over an illegal mary jane crop.

I know for a fact that some planes have been shot at, and subsequently brought down. By mostly Russian, Chinese and Korean weaponry. But, the media will never cover these events. As they are not allowed to report on our flights either. That must be true, for I have yet to see a detailed or in-depth report of our missions. On any public venue. Other than conspiracy shows and anti-government websites.

I risk everything for disclosing so much information, and you will find very few like me. Even my own flight crew, would have me arrested and court martialed, if they knew of this dialogue. That is why I cannot email you directly.
But, from what your cousin tells me. You are also risking everything, just to get this information out to your colleagues.
I salute you sir, for standing up to the establishment, and big brother.

I would love to go home tomorrow, and not rack up one more single minute of flight time. Except for a sweet little Piper Cub, or Rat Tail Barn Racer!
I miss those beautiful Blue skies, from my youth, and I am ashamed for hazing over that dream.
Maybe, more of my fellow pilots will read or hear about this, and decide to come forward as well.
I only know a small fraction of the larger picture, and they compartmentalize everything.
Should I become aware of any (new) significant developments. I will email your cousin.
Blue Jay 1





Chemtrails Over America
Report #2



(Note - We received the following chemtrail 'report' with a request that the author's name be kept aside. We cannot validate or verify the data and claims that follow. Comments are welcome. -ed)

We will talk about four active projects ongoing in the atmosphere across America now.

The first project is an effort to block the rays of the sun from hitting the earth including the ultra violet radiation that will come through without an adequate layer of ozone in the upper regions above the earth. This, it is hoped, will lower temperature on the surface of the earth and block ultra violet radiation from causing skin cancer in humans. The aerosol is probably aluminum oxide or a compound that would have similar properties.

The second and most secretive project is the United States Navy's, RFMP, Radio Frequency Mission Planner, military program. The RFMP is the system name given to a group of computer programs and one of the supporting, subprograms within the RFMP system is called the VTRPE computer program. VTRPE is an acronym that stands for Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation, It is a computer Radio Frequency propagation program that deals with radio waves and enables the RFMP system to visually see the battlefield terrain in 3 dimensions (3-D) on a television screen. The RFMP system also depends on satellites to feed their images of the battlefield into the RFMP system to be combined with the battlefield picture painted from the ground thus producing 3-D images.

By providing an extremely interactive and visual (television type radar screens) environment, the Radio Frequency Mission Planner, RFMP system allows the computer operator to develop familiarity with the "Radio Frequency" environment before a battlefield war mission occurs by playing a variety of "what-if" virtual warfare scenarios on his computer screen. Since all major modes of Radio Frequency propagation are modeled in his computer, (RFMP system), special, sometimes counter- intuitive, cases can be examined in detail and exploited during a warfare battle mission.

The VTRPE computer program only worked accurately over water and along coastal areas but not over land masses because the system's radar waves required an atmospheric condition known as "ducting", over land, to operate accurately.

The government and military solved the "ducting" problem by releasing an aerosol, a mixture of barium salts into the atmosphere over America. They made an atmospheric RF duct with a base of barium aerosol from aircraft. The chemical and electrical characterics of the mixture will cause water moisture to stay in clouds. Again, the aerosol sets up an electrical and chemical environment that supports RF ducting for the RFMP / VTRPE warfare system. Fibers with barium may support ducting. The mixture of barium salt aerosol when sprayed in a straight line will also provide a ducting path from point A to point B and will enable high frequency communications along that path, even over the curvature of the earth, in both directions. Enemy high frequency communications can be monitored easier with the straight line A to B ducting medium.

Barium salt chemtrails were used to support the Navy's Radio Frequency Mission Planner over Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

The third project also utilizes the mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere. Weather control is a project of the U.S. Air Force and utilizes Nikola Tesla concepts of radio frequency radiation (HAARP) against the ionosphere above the earth and control the jet stream. Fragile life support systems in our environment are being manipulated, tested and altered by government for military advantage. Air Force documents implied, "the risks are high but the rewards are worth it." The mixture of barium salts, supporting moisture, is encouraged along the weather fronts and manipulated in a control fashion. It is believed microwave energy is also utilized in the weather control program. Weather data is also a required input to the VTRPE program of the RFMP system.

In the broadest sense, weather- control can be divided into two major categories: suppression and intensification of weather patterns. In extreme cases, it might involve the creation of completely new weather patterns, attenuation or control of severe storms, or even alteration of global climate on a far-reaching and/or long-lasting scale. In the mildest and least controversial cases it may consist of inducing or suppressing precipitation, clouds, or fog for short times over a region. Other low-intensity applications might include the alteration and/or use of near space as a medium to enhance communications, disrupt active or passive sensing, or other purposes. The primary areas include generation and dissipation of precipitation, clouds, and fog; modification of localized storm systems; and the use of the ionosphere and near space for space control and communications domnance.

Perfected weather control technology will enable a military to withhold rain, cause floods, cause drought, cause storms, withhold sunshine, damage food crops, and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot.

The fourth project in the atmosphere is the DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, biological detection and decontamination programs. The program also utilizes the mixture of barium salts as the base vehicle in aerosol along with special polymer fibers in the atmosphere. They have released biologicals into the atmosphere in trials, testing the detection and decontamination systems. BCTP oily - water liquid aerosol is considered a biological decontaminate.

It is believed that barium salt, polymer fibers and other chemicals, in the atmosphere are the physical irritants that are either directly or indirectly responsible, for the recent nationwide epidemic increase in cases of nose bleed, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, upper respiratory symptoms and a noticeable increase in arthritis symptoms, recently reported nationwide. Chemicals illegally sprayed into the atmosphere are producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds and fungus. These conditions are not conducive to good health. The soluble salts of barium, an earth metal, are toxic in mammalian systems. They are absorbed rapidly from the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the muscles, lungs, and bone. No case data is available from the medical community on the long term effects of barium in the human body.

The programs are secret because the Federal EPA and State Environmental Quality Agencies need to "not know" about what the by-products of the metabolites of biological, illegal and harmful agents are. It is for that reason the project has been declared secret from the citizens. It's all illegal under federal and state laws. _____



From Valued Customer

Ionospheric Research

Understanding the electrodynamics of the upper atmosphere, particularly in polar regions, has implications for electric power generation, mitigation of geomagnetic storm effects, and estimating satellite drag. It may someday be possible to tap some of the immense electric power flowing in ionospheric currents during geomagnetic storms. Ionospheric heating using high power (such as OTH) radar is a convenient way to study the upper atmosphere s response to known energy input. Researchers have also proposed studying auroral fine structure and the dynamics of artifical barium clouds with the OTH-B radar. http://www1.etl.noaa.gov/othr/ionos.htm

Atmospheric Superconducting Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide? http://www.superconductivecomp.com/YBCO123SCPPowders.htm

Barium Affirmed By Spectroscope http://www.carnicom.com/spectra1.htm

Toxicity Summary For Barium http://risk.lsd.ornl.gov/tox/profiles/barium_f_V1.shtml

Navy Ionospheric Research (HAARP) http://w3.nrl.navy.mil/projects/IONO/SEE1.html







Lentokonemekaanikon ja lentäjän tarinat. Totta? Joka tapauksessa lukemisen arvoiset! Ja vielä muistutus: Nämä tekstit eivät ole todisteita ( todisteita ja todistajia löydät etusivumme videoista ja dokumenteista), mutta mielenkiintoinen lisä.


Airline Mechanic Turns Whistleblower – Reveals Details of Chemtrail Operation

January 17, 2013

NOTE: The credibility of anonymous whistleblowers is understandably questionable but it gives investigators a place to look in order to further explain the aerosol geoengineering operation we now know is being used to weaponize our weather and heat our climate – and possibly much more.

It’s interesting that the “Honey Trucks” that remove human waste from the lavatory are instrumental in re-filling the aerosol tanks secretly installed aboard the aircraft. Since the lavatory and aerosol access points are co-located on the aircraft the operation is barely noticeable by anyone with no reason to suspect anything.

If the Honey Trucks are equipped with a single tank, the aerosol units aboard the aircraft would necessarily be filled before the lavatory waste could be drained into the same tank inside the Honey Truck. This opens up the possibility of cross-contamination when aerosols are mixed with human waste due to botched sequencing or failure to clean the tanks prior to loading more aerosols into the Honey Truck. Aerosols mixed with even small amounts of human waste could explain the biological agents and red blood cells reported by investigator, Cliff Carnicom. This scenario of “accidental” cross-contamination does not preclude more sinister motives for deliberately mixing aerosols with biological experiments, flu viruses or worse.

“For reasons you will understand as you read this I can not divulge my identity. I am an aircraft mechanic for a major airline. I work at one of our maintenance bases located at a large airport. I have discovered some information that I think you will find important.

First I should tell you something about the “pecking order” among mechanics. It is important to my story and to the cause to which you have dedicated yourself.

Mechanics want to work on three things. The avionics, the engines, or the flight controls. The mechanics that work on these systems are considered at the top of the “pecking order”. Next come the mechanics that work on the hydraulics and air conditioning systems. Then come the ones who work on the galley and other non-essential systems. But at the very bottom of the list are the mechanics that work on the waste disposal systems. No mechanic wants to work on the pumps, tanks, and pipes that are used to store the waste from the lavatories.

But at every airport where I have worked there are always 2 or 3 mechanics that volunteer to work on the lavatory systems. The other mechanics are happy to let them do it. Because of this you will have only 2 or 3 mechanics that work on these systems at any one airport. No one pays much attention to these guys and no mechanic socializes with another mechanic who only works on the waste systems. In fact I had never thought much about this situation until last month.

Like most airlines we have reciprocal agreements with the other airlines that fly into this airport. If they have a problem with a plane one of our mechanics will take care of it. Likewise if one of our planes has a problem at an airport where the other airline has a maintenance base, they will fix our plane.

One day last month I was called out from our base to work on a plane for another airline. When I got the call the dispatcher did not know what the problem was. When I got to the plane I found out that the problem was in waste disposal system. There was nothing for me to do but to crawl in and fix the problem. When I got into the bay I realized that something was not right. There were more tanks, pumps, and pipes then should have been there. At first I assumed that the system had been changed. It had been 10 years since I had worked on one. As I tried to find the problem I quickly realized the extra piping and tanks were not connected to the waste disposal system. I had just discovered this when another mechanic from my company showed up. It was one of the mechanics who usually works on these systems. I happily turned the job over to him. As I was leaving I asked him about the extra equipment. He told me to “worry about my end of the plane and let him worry about his!”

The next day I was on the company computer to look up a wiring schematic. While I was there I decided to look up the extra equipment I had found. To my amazement the manuals did not show any of the extra equipment I had seen with my own eyes the day before. I even tied in to the manufacturer files and still found nothing. Now I was really determined to find out what that equipment did.

The next week we had three of our planes in our main hanger for periodic inspection. There are mechanics crawling all over a plane during these inspections. I had just finished my shift and I decided to have a look at the waste system on one of our planes. With all the mechanics around I figured that no one would notice an extra one on the plane. Sure enough, the plane I choose had the extra equipment!

I began to trace the system of pipes, pumps, and tanks. I found what appeared to be the control unit for the system. It was a standard looking avionics control box but it had no markings of any kind. I could trace the control wires from the box to the pumps and valves but there were no control circuits coming into the unit. The only wires coming into the unit was a power connection to the aircraft’s main power bus.

The system had 1 large and 2 smaller tanks. It was hard to tell in the cramped compartment but it looked like the large tank could hold 50 gallons. The tanks were connected to a fill and drain valve that passed through the fuselage just behind the drain valve for the waste system. When I had a chance to look for this connection under the plane I found it cunningly hidden behind a panel under the panel used to access the waste drain.

I began to trace the piping from the pumps. These pipes lead to a network of small pipes that ended in the trailing edges of the wings and horizontal stabilizers. If you look closely at the wings of a large airplane you will see a set of wires, about the size of your finger, extending from the trailing edge of the wing surfaces. These are the static discharge wicks. They are used to dissipate the static electric charge that builds up on a plane in flight. I discovered that the pipes from this mystery system lead to every 1 out of 3 of these static discharge wicks. These wicks had been “hollowed out” to allow whatever flows through these pipes to be discharged through these fake wicks.

It was while I was on the wing that one of the managers spotted me. He ordered me out of the hanger telling me that my shift was over and I had not been authorized any overtime.

The next couple of days were very busy and I had no time to continue my investigation. Late one afternoon, two days after my discovery, I was called to replace an engine temperature sensor on a plane due to take off in two hours. I finished the job and turned in the paperwork.

About 30 minutes later I was paged to see the General Manager. When I went in his office I found that our union rep and two others who I did not know were waiting on me. He told me that a serious problem had been discovered. He said that I was being written up and suspended for turning in false paperwork. He handed me a disciplinary form stating that I had turned in false paperwork on the engine temperature sensor I had installed a few hours before. I was floored and began to protest. I told them that this was ridiculous and that I had done this work. The union rep spoke up then and recommended that we take a look at the plane and see if we could straighten it all out. It was at this time that I asked who the other two men were. The GM told me that they were airline safety inspectors but would not give me their names.

We proceeded to the plane, which should have been in the air but was parked on our maintenance ramp. We opened the engine cowling and the union rep pulled the sensor. He checked the serial number and told everyone that it was the old instrument. We then went to the parts bay and went back into the racks. The union rep checked my report and pulled from the rack a sealed box. He opened the box and pulled out the engine temperature sensor with the serial number of the one I had installed. I was told that I was suspended for a week without pay and to leave immediately.

I sat at home the first day of my suspension wondering what the hell had happened to me. That evening I received a phone call. The voice told me “Now you know what happens to mechanics who poke around in things they shouldn’t. The next time you start working on systems that are no concern of yours you will lose your job. As it is I’m feeling generous, I believe that you’ll be able to go back to work soon” CLICK. Again I had to pick myself from off the floor. I made the connection that what had happened was directly connected to my tracing the mysterious piping. The next morning the General Manager called me. He said that due to my past excellent employment record that the suspension had been reduced to one day and that I should report back to work immediately. The only thing I could think of was what are they trying to hide and who are THEY!

That day at work went by as if nothing had happened. None of the other mechanics mentioned the suspension and my union rep told me not to talk about it. That night I logged onto the Internet to try to find some answers. I don’t remember now how I got there but I came across your site. That’s when it all came together. But the next morning at work I found a note inside my locked locker. It said, “Curiosity killed the cat. Don’t be looking at Internet sites that are no concern of yours.”

Well that’s it. THEY are watching me.

Well you already know what they are doing. I don’t know what they are spraying but I can tell you how they are doing it. I figure they are using the “honey trucks”. These are the trucks that empty the waste from the lavatory waste tanks. The airports usually contract out this job and nobody goes near these trucks. Who wants to stand next a truck full of sh–. While these guys are emptying the waste tanks they are filling the tanks of the spray system. They know the plane’s flight path so they probably program the control unit to start spraying some amount of time after the plane reaches a certain altitude. The spray nozzles in the fake static wicks are so small that no one in the plane would see a thing.

God help us all,
A concerned citizen.



Source: Mr. Carnicom:

I read the email you received from the anonymous mechanic and felt compelled to respond to it. I, too, work for an airline, though I work in upper management levels. I will not say which airline, what city I am located, nor what office I work for, for obvious reasons. I wish I could document everything I am about to relate to you, but to do so is next to impossible and would result in possible physical harm to me.

The email from the anonymous mechanic rings true. Airline companies in America have been participating in something called Project Cloverleaf for a few years now. The earliest date anyone remembers being briefed on it is 1998. I was briefed on it in 1999. The few airline employees who were briefed on Project Cloverleaf were all made to undergo background checks, and before we were briefed on it we were made to sign non-disclosure agreements, which basically state that if we tell anyone what we know we could be imprisoned.

About twenty employees in our office were briefed along with my by two officials from some government agency. They didn’t tell us which one.

They told us that the government was going to pay our airline, along with others, to release special chemicals from commercial aircraft. When asked what the chemicals were and why we were going to spray them, they told us that information was given on a need-to-know basis and we weren’t cleared for it. They then went on to state that the chemicals were harmless, but the program was of such importance that it needed to be done at all costs. When we asked them why didn’t they just rig military aircraft to spray these chemicals, they stated that there weren’t enough military aircraft available to release chemicals on such a large basis as needs to be done.

That’s why Project Cloverleaf was initiated, to allow commercial airlines to assist in releasing these chemicals into the atmosphere.

Then someone asked why all the secrecy was needed. The government reps then stated that if the general public knew that the aircraft they were flying on were releasing chemicals into the air, environmentalist groups would raise hell and demand the spraying stop.

Someone asked one of the G-men then if the chemicals are harmless, why not tell the public what the chemicals are and why we are spraying them? He seemed perturbed at this question and told us in a tone of authority that the public doesn’t need to know what’s going on,
but that this program is in their best interests. He also stated that we should not tell anyone, nor ask any more questions about it. With that, the briefing was over.

All documents in our office pertaining to Project Cloverleaf are kept in locked safes. Nobody is allowed to take these documents out of the office. Very few employees are allowed access to these documents, and they remain tight-lipped about what the documents say.

Mr. Carnicom, I am no fool. I know there’s something going on. And frankly, I am scared. I feel a high level of guilt that I have been aware of this kind of operation but unable to tell anyone. It’s been
eating away at me, knowing that the company I work for may be poisoning the American people. I hope this letter will open some eyes to what’s happening.

Again, I wish I could give you documented information, but you have to understand why I must remain totally anonymous.

Thank you.






Tom Engelhardt wrote an impassioned letter to future whistleblowers. Turns out that some of them don’t even mean to blow it! Oh well, whatever it takes!

I took some shots of chemtrail crisscrossed skies in Bloomington last Sunday and wrote that up. Today, when I was out walking with puppy Shadow it rained. I didn’t have an umbrella, and got soaked. The rain burned my eyes.

Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the US

July 4, 2012

by Jean



Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the US, based out of Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona and McMinville Oregon, near Portland.

A major missing piece of a grand conspiracy has been targeted by a drunk pilot. In a small town 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon is the center of a major global operation. At a bar in McMinnville, Oregon, an inebriated pilot attempted to impress one of the pretty ladies with tales of his secret mission.

The pilot’s pathetic attempt to portray himself as a Sean Connery or Daniel Craig caused him to (ante up) his importance and spill the secrets of the CIA’s asset Evergreen International Aviation.
The slurred revelations confirmed suspicions that Evergreen (International Aviation) is part of the major crap dump on the planet. Chemtrails made up aluminum, barium and other ingredients contribute to respiratory ills and change the acidity of the soil.

Evergreen works from over a 100 bases and employees 4,500 people. Delford Smith privately owns the company. They admittedly “perform” for the CIA.

Evergreen was given a no contest bid that gave them all the facilities in Marana, Arizona that previously belonged to CIA’s Air America (Pinal Air Park, Arizona). The security at the Pinal site is said to be as severe as that of Area 51. It is run as a military base where one lost pilot got an armed escort immediately off the operational base. The 10 year pilot said it was nothing like anything he has ever seen.

Evergreen International Aviation brags of their planes that have 7 times the capacity of other fire fighters. One can carry 20,000 galleons. Firefighting … Right … and next we will be told the chem trails are to prevent global warming as millions more are advancing to an early death.

Evergreen International Aviation has exemptions from the law that are advertised on their web site. They can fly anywhere and not stay on a designated route. Has CFR members paved the way? People like Philip Lader and John Wheeler III … they were in a position to do just that.

Evergreen’s public relations (propaganda) spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader. He worked under the present head of the CIA … Leon Panetta as White House deputy of staff under Bill Clinton.

Philip Lader is an “inside” authority on international affairs and business. He is the non-executive Chairman of WPP Group, Senior Adviser to Morgan Stanley International, and a board member for think-tank RAND Corporation. He is also a trustee of UC Rusal (largest aluminum company in the world) the British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral Foundation. Ambassador Lader has addressed trans-Atlantic audiences from the U.N.’s General Assembly Hall to state chambers of commerce and local world affairs councils, is a member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations.

Philip Lader (CFR) is a key player driving toward world government. In addition to running the Public Relations for Evergreen International Aviation … Lader is a director of UC Rusal, the largest Aluminum producer in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Nathaniel Rothschild is a big investor.

Eugenic operation of Chemtrails has had the assistance of Mitre a non-profit Corporation that manages the Federal Aviation Administration, Homeland Security, and IRS. (1) The IRS is part of the Federal Reserve which is a major transmission belt driving the conspiracy.

Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member John P Wheeler III was recently dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns.
Was John P. Wheeler III to sentimental for the killing underway? And got murdered by the Company?

The CIA is the enforcement arm of the Council on Foreign Relations
Mitre is conveniently located in McLean,Virginia home of the CIA.

Thanks to the drunken pilot and his loose lips … the Free People of the world can focus on the criminals who are poisoning our air and our water.


The murder could be taken from the pages of John le Carré.

A former Pentagon official boards a train from Washington to his home in Delaware just after Christmas.

The man—a West Point cadet, a Yale and Harvard graduate and former general’s aide in Vietnam—disappears without a trace, only to be found dead in a landfill days later.

John Wheeler’s body was found on New Years Day in a Delaware landfill. Credit: Newscom

This is the story of John P. Wheeler III, an adviser to four different administrations, whose body was discovered on New Year’s Eve.

Beyond these sketchy details, police say, not much more is known about the apparent murder of the 66 year old, whose resume read like that of a character in a modern spy novel, and whose body was found dumped in a Wilmington landfill.

An employee at the landfill noticed Wheeler’s body after it was dumped from a Waste Management truck onto a pile of trash at the Cherry Island landfill—miles from his home in the historic district of New Castle where he lived with his wife Katherine Klyce.

Three days earlier, Wheeler had been scheduled to take an Amtrak train from Washington to Wilmington near his home when he disappeared without a trace. Even this last journey is shrouded in mystery, police say. “He was scheduled to take the train but we don’t know if he actually boarded the train,” said Lt. Mark Farrall of the Newark Police Department. Although it took several days before Wheeler’s body was identified, he was not reported missing by his family because his wife was out of town at the time of his disappearance, investigators say.

Wheeler is best known as one of the main forces behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

On Sunday, the chief medical examiner’s office in Delaware ruled that Wheeler’s death was a homicide although the office refused to release the cause of death “pending further studies including toxicological analysis,” according to Deputy Director Hal G. Brown.

“At this point we don’t have any answers as to how or why this happened,” said Farrall. “We don’t have any suspects or motives at this point. We just don’t know.”

Police say they identified Wheeler by particular items they found on his body.

According to friends and associates, Wheeler was a skilled networker whose career was an unusual mix of military, government, charity, and private sector work.

Wheeler is best known as one of the main forces behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The decision to use designer Maya Lin’s abstract design caused controversy and significant pushback from Ross Perot and James Webb, now senator of Virginia, but Wheeler was one of Lin’s strongest defenders and, as chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, took a lot of the heat until the compromise to erect a statue of three soldiers nearby was worked out.

Wheeler, who served a tour in Vietnam as a general’s aide before retiring from the military in 1971, fought hard to get the memorial built because he was motivated by the many West Point classmates he’d lost in the war, said some who knew him.

“John was one of the few people who understood what a central role the memorial would play in the nation’s healing,” said Richard F. “Rick” Weidman, executive director for Policy and Government Affairs at the Vietnam Veterans of America. “He was one of the core of people who made it happen.”

Wheeler, who his close friends knew as Jack, reportedly had earned TS/SCI (Top Secret / Special Compartmentalized Information) clearance during his most recent government job, special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force during the administration of George W. Bush.

“It’s the kind of clearance you have when you’re in the inner ring (of the Pentagon),” said a source who didn’t want to be identified. “But that doesn’t mean anyone thinks there’s an espionage component to this murder.”

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Founder and President Jan Scruggs said Wheeler was a “religious and patriotic person.”

“He liked reading the bible, theology and he liked military events,” he said, dismissing any conspiracy theories. Although he could be a fierce opponent in verbal jostling, Wheeler “didn’t have the sorts of enemies” who would want to see him dead, said Scruggs.

“The people who were his enemies were guys he would argue philosophy or memorandums with,” he said, adding that Wheeler’s death “is a mystery.”

“He was very well-spoken, and he could disarm people with his words,” agreed Weidman. “But he was not a street fighter. He was not someone who you could ever imagine would be involved in anything that appeared to be a hit.”

James Fallows, a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter and a national correspondent for The Atlantic, remembered Wheeler, a friend, in a post on Monday.

“He was a complicated man of very intense (and sometimes changeable) friendships, passions, and causes,” Fallows wrote.

At the time of his disappearance, Wheeler and his wife were involved in expensive litigation in Delaware Chancery Court with a neighbor who was building a two-and-a-half story home across the street.

While the dispute had dragged out, Wheeler’s attorney Bayard Marin said, “There were no Jerry Springer moments.”

Marin said he spoke to Wheeler the day before he disappeared. “It was a nice personal conversation, thanking me for the past three years and sticking with him through litigation,” he said. “It was a kind of Christmas/New Year call. He seemed very cheerful. He seemed very pleasant.”

Wheeler’s death is the second time a murder has hit close to home for his current wife. In 1995, Klyce’s sister, Emily Klyce Fisher, was brutally slain in her home in one of Memphis’ toniest neighborhoods. Investigators later linked the murder to Fisher’s drug-addled son, who had bragged about the valuables in the family safe to the men later accused of killing his mother.

Klyce was Wheeler’s third wife, friends say. Wheeler also had a very public romance with McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc’s daughter Linda Smith in the ’80s, two associates confirmed. Smith could not be reached for comment.

The Wheeler family had no comments on Monday. The Newark police simply issued a statement on their behalf, stating: “As you must appreciate, this is a tragic time for the family. We are grieving our loss. Please understand that the family has no further comment at this time. We trust that everyone will respect the family’s privacy.”

Christine Pelisek is staff reporter for The Daily Beast, covering crime. She previously was a reporter at the LA Weekly, where she covered crime for the last five years. In 2008, she won three Los Angeles Press Club awards, one for her investigative story on the Grim Sleeper.

January 12, 2013

Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases”

UPDATE: On June 19, 2013 Dr. Blaylock discussed the chemtrail and nanoaluminum neuro-toxicity on the FoodintegrityNow.org show.    The complete interview includes important information on the damaging neurological effects of excitotoxins as food additives, ie: MSG or monosodiumglutamate). Listen to this topic on the podcast at the bottom of this page.






Dr Blaylock Header

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum, and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
August 23, 2012

Nanoparticles of aluminum are infinitely more reactive and can easily penetrate the brain

Dr. russell_blaylock-mugThe internet is littered with stories of “chemtrails” and geoengineering to combat “global warming”; and, until recently, I took these stories with a grain of salt. One of the main reasons for my skepticism was that I rarely saw what they were describing in the skies. But over the past several years I have noticed a great number of these trails and I have to admit they are not like the contrails I grew up seeing in the skies. They are extensive, quite broad, are laid in a definite pattern, and slowly evolve into artificial clouds. Of particular concern is that there are now so many – dozens every day are littering the skies.

My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.

This is your brain on Chemtrails-sm

Nanoparticles of aluminum are not only infinitely more inflammatory, they also easily penetrate the brain by a number of routes, including the blood and olfactory nerves (the smell nerves in the nose). Studies have shown that these particles pass along the olfactory neural tracts, which connect directly to the area of the brain that is not only most affected by Alzheimer’s disease, but also the earliest affected in the course of the disease. It also has the highest level of brain aluminum in Alzheimer’s cases.

The intranasal route of exposure makes spraying of massive amounts of nanoaluminum into the skies especially hazardous, as it will be inhaled by people of all ages, including babies and small children for many hours. We know that older people have the greatest reaction to this airborne aluminum. Because of the nanosizing of the aluminum particles being used, home-filtering systems will not remove the aluminum, thus prolonging exposure, even indoors.

In addition to inhaling nanoaluminum, such spraying will saturate the ground, water, and vegetation with high levels of aluminum. Normally, aluminum is poorly absorbed from the GI tract; but nanoaluminum is absorbed in much higher amounts. This absorbed aluminum has been shown to be distributed to a number of organs and tissues including the brain and spinal cord. Inhaling this environmentally suspended nanoaluminum will also produce tremendous inflammatory reaction within the lungs, which will pose a significant hazard to children and adults with asthma and pulmonary diseases.

I pray that the pilots who are spraying this dangerous substance fully understand that they are destroying the lives and health of their families as well. This is also true of our political officials. Once the soil, plants, and water sources are heavily contaminated there will be no way to reverse the damage that has been done.

Steps need to be taken now to prevent an impending health disaster of enormous proportions if this project is not stopped immediately. Otherwise we will see an explosive increase in neurodegenerative diseases occurring in adults and the elderly in unprecedented rates as well as neurodevelopmental disorders in our children. We are already seeing a dramatic increase in these neurological disorders and it is occurring in younger people more than ever before.



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Recommended Reading

Dr. Blaylock’s brochures Bio Terrorism: How You Can Survive and Nuclear Sunrise.

Dr. Blaylock, an NHF member, is a World-renowned neurosurgeon who retired from Neurosurgery to devote his full attention to nutritional studies and research.

An in-demand guest for radio and TV programs, he lectures extensively to both lay audiences and physicians on nutrition-related subjects. He is the 2004 recipient of the Integrity in Science Award granted by the Weston A. Price Foundation and serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, the official publication of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.   See http://www.blaylockwellness center.com/




Entinen CBS:n toimittaja kertoo kuinka teollisuus, Wikipedia ja muut meitä manipuloivat:


Rahaeliitin tavoitteista kerrotaan dokumentoidusti dokumenttielokuvassa Thrive (2011). Yli 80 miljoonaa katsojaa 27 kielellä. Elokuva alkaa hitaasti, mutta tulet huomaamaan, kuinka aiheet liittyvät toisiinsa. Jos alkaa pitkästyttää, minuutista 33 lähtien alkaa todella tapahtua. Käsikirjoituksemme suomeksi tässä:


Yle tiededokumentti: Ongelmana alumiini

kertoo alumiinin vaaroista ja tuon kehollemme tarpeettoman metallin yleisyydestä. Alumiinia käytetään myös lentoruiskutuksissa.


Tässä hieman pidempi versio englanninkielisenä


Alzheimer/ dementiakuolemissa Suomi on ylivoimainen ykkönen maailmassa.

Seuraavassa videossa Ylen Ongelmana alumiini- ohjelmasta tuttu, 30 vuotta alumiinin biologisia vaikutuksia tutkinut tohtori Christopher Exley englantilaisesta Keelen yliopistosta kertoo, kuinka [lentoruiskutettukin] alumiini kerääntyy aivoihin aiheuttaen mm. alzheimeria.


Teollisuuden etiikasta

Yli 150 tieteellistä tutkimusta julkaissut Tohtori Exley sanoi rokoteturvallisuutta käsittelevässä konferenssissa, että [jugurteistaan tuttu] "Danone veti tukensa heidän tutkimuksiltaan kun heille selvisi, että Danonen kivennäisvesi todennäköisesti parantaa alzheimeria". Miksi Danone ("teollisuus") ei halua, että alzheimerin tautiin löydetään lääke?

"Alumiini on myrkyllinen metalli, josta ei ole mitään hyötyä millekään elävälle organismille."



info miukumauku ilmastonmuokkaus.fi


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